Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 48

ARCHERY a frontal shot at 10 yards once he cleared the thick brush. At 20 yards the bull swung uphill of me. The cagey old bull knew the game. The thermals were still sending our scent uphill and he was going to try to get the wind on Ben’s call. I was directly in front of Ben which meant he would catch my wind first, likely sending him thundering off the mountain. The wind was quartering to me, giving me a slight- ly better chance at a shot. My only hope was one opening, maybe an 8-inch wide gap at 25 yards. Chip shot I thought. What transpired next took probably five seconds. And to this day, it still hurts like an eternity. Could I have used a bit more time? Ab- solutely. I’m not making excuses, because I messed up. The outcome was not good, but at the time felt confident in my system so I let it play out. I draw, anchor, level my bubble and wait for the bull to come into my window. As the bull got closer I coached myself through the shot. “Steady. Level.” The front shoulder comes into view. There’s the pocket, “Aim,” Cow call. “Squeeze.” Then the un-mistakable sound an arrow makes when it impacts the side of a bull resonated. If you would’ve asked me right then if I’d made a perfect shot I would’ve bet my life on it. I felt like I had the bull shot right through the heart and he’d be dead in 100 yards or less. Ben and I sat and waited the standard 30 minutes before we be- gan unraveling the blood trail. Immediately we found blood. Always a good sign. We were 100 yards into the track and we were still on a bright red, steady blood trail. I didn’t question my shot. I just figured the bull was tougher and bigger than everything else on the moun- tain. At 300 yards into the track I began to question my arrow place- ment. I replayed the shot and the sequence over and over and over. “He’s got to be dead right here,” I told myself. Still tracking. We were now over 1,000 yards into the job and I knew something wasn’t right. We had a steady blood trail that Ray Charles could’ve followed, but he wasn’t heart shot like I had th ՝и́$Ѽѡȁѡ՝́ѕ ݔ͡ձ)аѡ͡ѕͽչձɅ͡ѡɽ՝ѡ)ѥȁѡɅܸIЁ́ݔݕɔЁѼɸɽչݔ)յ$ͅЁє͉$չ䁡͡)͝аɽ́ѡѥɔ݅䁉ѼɅ她ѡ)ѡձݽձ䁑ݸ!и)QЁ$ɅѡɕЁѼݡɔݔ)յQɅɅЁ$Ʌѡɽ՝)Ёѡ丁QЁ$݅́ͥѼѽ]х()]MQI8!U9Q%9)=UI90)ݕЁ͔́ݕɕєѕȁ䁥ѡչх̸)!չ䁥ѡɹ́ɔхЁɕȁѡЁ䁥́)ɕ͠ͱєѼхЁ)չѥѡȁɕЁ$ձeЁȁѡѡ՝Ёɽݥ)ѡչѥݔչ䁉ձ$Ёѡ䁱%Ё݅)եѱ͕́ɍQݥ$ɕɹѼѡɕݡɔݔ)յхѕɥѡɕٕɥɱЁ)ѡЁ丁UݸɽչѡЁɅ܁$eЁɸѡ)QɹѡѠѡѡ՝Ёչѥ݅ͻeЁٕ)Ʌȸ$ݽձeٔЁ́䁉她䁡Ѽ)ѡɅєɽ́'eɽչȁѡЁ̸ͥQ)ѕɹݔѼٔѡɕQЁݔݕɔ)ͥ䁅ѥ䁕ᡅѕ)QЁ݅́и5䁅ɍ͕ͽٕ݅́ȸ$ձeЁѽѡ)ѡ՝Ёչѥ嵽ɔٕѡ՝$ѥ́Ё)=ɕéɍ͕ͽѡձͱ܁հѠ$)չɕѽа͕͕ٕ)ѕȁѡɅѡɕ她ѡ͡Ёѡ́ͅ)ѥ́䁡ѡѡ$Ёѽѡȁ́ѡЁ$Ё)ܸ1܁՝Ѽ́ѡаЁ͔՝Ѽ)ѡѡЁ͡ձ $Ё݅ѥ)ѼЁѕЁȁ͕ͽѡݕͥєЁɥչѕȁݡ)͡ЁձݥѠɽ܁܁́Ёɥɥ͕ͽ)9ѡ)ٕѡ՝͕ͽٕ݅́ȁ܁́ѕȁ$ɕٕѕ)ɽ䁝ɥ ѡЁe͡Ёձ%Ё݅́ѡЁЁ)́$ٕȁݕ!ѡ՝Ёѡ͡Ё݅́Ё)ͼѡɥЁѡٔѡձѥMɔ՝)́ѥ݅́ɕ݅ɑݥѠصЁI5չхձ)QЁݕ͕ͽ ɥхѼչѥ)Ёѡѡ՝ЁͥѡЁձ݅́ѥѼɕ͠$ձe)Ё՝յѥѼи9Ёɔ$ٔݕȁ)ɽиѡȁ݅䰁ͼՍѼѡЁ$ɕѡ)$ЁЁݕЁѼѡձ$͡ЁЁѼЁи)QЁɹݡ她ݥѠݥ$)ЁѕЁɽ ͅ她ձɽͥи5䁥)єɕѥ݅́݅́ձи$́ե́$ձ)Q́͡፥ѕЁ éٽɵ́ѕЁ݅)Ё丁!ɕ䁑ձЁͥЄQՉչ͡)Ёѡձݸݥѡ٥܁ݡɔ ձ͕)ɕѕȁ̸͕$͡䁍ѡɕ܁ѡ)ɅѡՍɽٔѼݥѠѡи%Ё݅)ݥѡЁՉЁѡ́܁ɍ͕ͽQ)ѽ䁽 ͱɐչѕѕѥѡ)͡ЁݥѡЁ݅́Ёչم Ё剽)ձЁݽձ Q䁥́ѡ