Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 44

SHOOTING Cross selection of small, medium and big game cartridges. L-R: .243 Win (100gr), 6.5 Creedmoor (120gr), 6.5 Creedmoor (143gr), 7mm- 08 (139gr), .270 Win. (130gr), .30-06 (180gr), 7mm Rem Mag (162gr), 300 Win Mag (180gr). high accuracy, it will very likely help you make that perfect shot. Ballistic Comparisons for Larger Big Game (Elk, Bear) 6.5 Creedmoor 143gr ELD-X SD G1 BC MV DROP@300/500 (W / 200YD 0) In the accompanying chart we compare two popular cartridges for mule deer. It’s clear the 6.5 Creedmoor does a great job of stack- ing up to the bigger 7mm-08. The high bullet co-efficiency again lends itself to being a more wind resistant bullet. .246 .486 2950 -6.8 / 37.3 .293 .625 2700 -7.9 / 42.4 DRIFT (10MPH@300 / 500) ENERGY (@300) 5 / 14.6 1768 DRIFT (10MPH@300 / 500) ENERGY 4.3 / 12.5 1658 Because a mature bull elk can weigh upwards of 500 to 600 pounds it stands to reason that many elk hunters opt for a bigger magnum. But is that really necessary? It’s often assumed that to kill an elk, a cartridge like a 7mm Magnum is a necessity to put an elk down, but remember that 6.5x55 Swedish round that I mentioned earlier? Sharing very similar ballistic characteristics to the 6.5 Creedmoor, Swedish and Norwegian hunters have been using this round for over a century to hunt and effectively kill moose of very similar size to our North America elk, proving quite convincingly that the magnums some of us Americans are so proud of aren’t really necessary for the larger big game species. Looking at the ballistic comparisons, the little 6.5 Creedmoor looks pretty attractive even when stacked up against some heavy hitters like the 7mm Rem Mag and the .300 Win Mag, a couple of definite traditional elk killers. While the energy retained at 300 yards suffers compared to these larger rounds, the impressive section- al density of the 6.5 more than helps keep it an effective elk round at reasonable distances. And again, the high bullet co-efficiency of these bullets helps give them wind bucking ability comparable to the bigger magnums, giving the shooter as much margin of error when reading the wind is possible. It’s not until you get out well past 800 yards does this round drop below the 1600fps that Hornady is rec- ommending as a minimum speed for proper expansion. This chart of popular cartridges for larger big game species shows just how well the smaller caliber 6.5 Creedmoor can stack up against some of the more traditional cartridges. It certainly doesn’t deliver the same punch down range that the larger rounds will, but shot placement is always key and given its propensity for low recoil and 42 WESTERN HUNTING JOURNAL -7.9 / 42.4 ENERGY (@300) 4.3 / 12.5 1658 DRIFT (10MPH@300 / 500) ENERGY 4.4 / 12.9 1955 DRIFT (10MPH@300 / 500) ENERGY (@300) 5.4 / 15.8 2063 .270 Winchester 145gr ELD-X .270 .536 2970 -6.5 / 35.7 .30-06 Springfield 180gr Interbond SD G1 BC MV DROP@300/500 (W / 200YD 0) .271 .480 2820 -7.6 / 41.5 .300 Winchester Magnum 180gr Interbond .271 .480 3130 -5.9 / 32.9 DRIFT (10MPH@300 / 500) ENERGY 4.6 / 13.6 2589 DRIFT (10MPH@300 / 500) ENERGY 3.9 / 11.3 2237 7mm Remington Magnum 162gr ELD-X 6.5 Creedmoor 143gr ELD-X SD G1 BC MV DROP@300/500 (W / 200YD 0) 2700 SD G1 BC MV DROP@300/500 (W / 200YD 0) 7mm-08 Remington 139gr SST .625 SD G1 BC MV DROP@300/500 (W / 200YD 0) Ballistic Comparisons for Medium Big Game (Mule Deer, Bighorn Sheep) SD G1 BC MV DROP@300/500 (W / 200YD 0) .293 DRIFT (10MPH@300 / 500) SD G1 BC MV DROP@300/500 (W / 200YD 0) .310 .613 2940 -6.5 / 35.3 A quick glance at some of the other western big game species, the 6.5 Creedmoor would be an outstanding choice for bighorn sheep or mountain goats. Both being similar in size to mule deer, weighing between 150 to 200 pounds, the previous attributes would apply to hunting these noble animals as well. And if chasing predators i ́)ѡѡظԁ ɕȁхɕѼѡ͔չ́́ݕ]Ѡ)չх́ɽչչ̰ݽٕ)ݕݕѼչ̰ձ́׊e͔ȁѕ)ȁȁѡѼ́ݽձəѱ䁍ɔ)͵ȁѕ̰ձͥͥ锁ݸѼѡձ)ѥٔ䁽ݕȁٕɕՍɕ)Qظԁ ɕȁ́ɱ䁄ظյɥиQ͡ѥ)ѥѥݽɱeЁхѼхѥѡ́ɽչ)Ё݅́ɽՍѽхЁѼ́䁅ɤ)ѕϊQɕЁɅ䰁ձЁ䰁܁ɕ)饹ѥ̸]Ѡѽéɕ͕ѥȴ)Ёݕѕչѥձ́܁مѡչѥݽɱ)ɅЁ́хمхѡ͔ͅɅѕɥѥ)ѡQɔݥ݅́܁Ёɽݥ́ѕɥѡ)͍ɅݥѕѥЁݡЁ́ѥѼ͡ȁ)܁չѥɥȁͥ䁝ɅЁѡͅѽé]ѕɸ)չѕȁeЁɽݥѠ䁍ͥظԁ ɕȸ)́ѥѥٔ͡ѕȁ٥չѕȁ'eٔ)յɽ́չѥ́Ѽ͡Ёɥ́ɕѡ́ɽչ)́Ѽ͡аͽ她䁽ѡЁѡ(ظԁ ɕȁ́ѥєȸ́ɕȰѡɔ)ɔ٥Յ䁹Օ́ѕɵٕи%аѡ)Ёյȁ$݅́Ѽɥ͕́Ёѡȁɥ́ȁѡ)չ̸ѥЁ݅́ɕ̵ɕɥѡ)Ʌєȁѡȁչи)ѽȁٕѡѽѡȁѡչѥչ䁡́)ɔѥѼ͔ɽIЁɕӊéѡЁɔ)ѡٕ́Ѽ́]!(