Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 42

SHOOTING Through a series of tests WHJ Shooting Editor Kevin Madison is convinced the hype surrounding the 6.5 Creedmoor is warranted. and hunting industry. Today, it continues to make a splash. A previous joint venture between Hornady and Thompson/Cen- ter had developed the .30 T/C, a short action round intended to have the performance of the long action .30-06. This round would ulti- mately serve as the parent case for the developing 6.5 Creedmoor. Unlike the .260 Remington, which had been in existence for quite some time and is based off the .308 Winchester, this new round has a shorter, fatter profile known for burning powder efficiently. It also has a 30-degree shoulder, less body taper, and a longer neck, which means those long, sleek bullets the round was designed for don’t have to be seated deep in the case allowing for more powder capaci- ty. At the same time, centering up the cartridge in the chamber gave it enhanced accuracy. The only problem was that at the time of its introduction [ \H[\H\[&]Hوۙ[H\Z]\\]]][B܈XܙX][ۘ[KHYۙ[H]ZXHZ[Y[\XX][ۈ܈H][]]\Y[][HHXHX\]\ ]][X[H[Y ]\\HY[H]™XYH[H\وۙ[H\۝[YYܛ˂[\X\[ۈYH\]][ۜZ[Y[[\]KX[YXB\\Xۚ^YH[[\YXH]X[]KYܙ BXHY\ˈHHZY L L]YH[Y\Y[XYX\]KY]YܙXHY\Z\[\]H]YH[[ L[Y\8&&H܈Y\X\[ۈYHYY]HYYقHܛ[ۙ[H[][]K][YH\\\H]Y\\YۙYXYX[H܂H[[[][]HۈY X\H\H[\ZBH \ۙH^[\KH\Yx&\[\]H\\XH[]YܛYx&\[Z]Y[XZ[[[][][ۈ[ܙH]Z[XK\\[K[ܙH[[ܙH[[][][ۈX[YX\\ B TTSSTSYZ]ٙ\[HY\[X[ۈو HܙYY[܈[[[][[\X][HYYو^x&\[\˂\\H\H]X[H[]%\H\Y\܈XX\\XY[[][][ۈ\XY[H]Z[Xx%H HܙYY B[܈\۸&]\][H]ˈ]H [Z[\ H[X\]BY[\[܈ݙ\H[\K]\Y\ZHH V MBY\][XKLNL [\\[KYHوHX\H \™[ۙ[܈\XH[ܝ[\H[]\K]^HYH\[YH[[]XوH[[HK˂]\X]HۈH HܙYY[܈[YHK]8&\[KBܝ[]H[Y[X[\Y\][Y\H] [H]H NML[X\H NMH [\\XY۝[H\[BXY[[H]YY\] ]\]ZXHܙ[[B[H[Z[ۈXY۝[H\][Y [H]H NNLH [Z[ۈ^YYHH[Y][X]^[H KL[]XY[XYHY[[H[[][]H܈YH[YKۛBY\ZH]^HYHوH 8&\[]X[^][Y[ ]] BYH[و\ܝ[Y\X[ \]\H]XܞB[ۜZ[]Z[XK[^x&\X\]Y ]Y[H] BX]H\X\\XوH H[]][[HX[HY\[Y \]X[]H[[[][ۜ\[H]Z[XK]\H[ܝHو\[X[ۈ܈^x&\[\[\\Y]][\\[ [K  [K[][\\ [X\ H[]\HHܙX]ۜY\][ۂ܈\\Y[YH[\YHZ\YX[ۘ[[]H[ۙ[\X\X\\XˈX[ۘ[[]H\H\[وH[ B[][ۈ\\[H[]8&\ZY]X[Y]\]HY\HX[ۘ[[]HH]\[\\[[\ܝ[ۜY\B][ۈ\X[ۘ[[]H  H[]HHX[X[YXۈ[][]][ۈX\[^\[[\ܝ[X܈[[[Y