Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 38

GEAR REVIEW Leica Rangemaster CRF 2700-B $899 Halo XTANIUM TM XT1000 $299.99 8 x 22mm WEIGHT: 8.0 OUNCES MAX REFLECTIVE RANGE: 1,000 YDS ILLUMINATED DISPLAY: YES Accuracy VVV+ Clarity/Brightness VVV+ Features VVV+ Construction VVVV Overall VVV+ Without question, the pin dot style illuminat- ed reticle of the The Xtaniumâ„¢ XT1000 by Halo Optics was my favorite of all models re- viewed. This small aiming dot did not distract from the target or field of view, and allowed for pinpoint target acquisition. The bright- ness of the illuminated display is not adjust- able. Range readings on animal targets varied up to 12 yards per target, even on targets without any nearby brush or objects which could interfere with readings, however read- ings on reflective targets were very consistent with just a one yard variance. Slope mode dis- plays slope reading in degrees and provides the corrected, shoot-to range. When it came to displaying the readings, there was a 1.7 second lag from when the range button was pushed to when the yardage was displayed. The 8x magnification of the Xtaniumâ„¢ XT1000 was excellent for long range targets, or for simply using the unit as a monocular to quickly size up an animal; however, it does make close range target acquisition in brushy situations a little more difficult and also cuts down on brightness in low light situations. The range and mode settings are activated by the same button, which can lead to acciden- tal mode changes when attempting to range a target. The short length of the bottom por- tion of the unit where the laser is emitted caused some interference when ranging with large hands and gloves. halooptics.com 36 WESTERN HUNTING JOURNAL 7 x 24mm WEIGHT: 6.7 OUNCES MAX REFLECTIVE RANGE: 2,700 YDS ILLUMINATED DISPLAY: YES Accuracy VVVVV Clarity/Brightness VVVVV Features VVVVV Construction VVVVV Overall VVVVV From hunting situations to long range preci- sion target shooting, the Rangemaster CRF 2700-B by Leica provides the cuttin