Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 37

Leupold RX1200i TBR/W $454.99 6 x 22mm WEIGHT: 7.3 OUNCES MAX REFLECTIVE RANGE: 1,200 YDS ILLUMINATED DISPLAY: YES Accuracy VVVVV Clarity/Brightness VVVV+ Features VVVVV Construction VVVVV Overall VVVVV From rugged construction and comfortably packable size to accuracy and customizable configurations, the RX-1200i TBR/W from Le- upold will meet the needs of everyone from bowhunters to long distance shooters. Accuracy was excellent on all ranges and targets tested, and the TBR (True Ballistic Range) will produce accurate, shoot-to distanc- es with angle compensation out to 800 yards. When set to bow mode, distances will display in tenths of a yard to 125 yards, and true horizon- tal distances in yards beyond 125 yards. The unit is pre-programmed with 25 ballistic profiles, al- lowing the user to custom match rifle perfor- mance with displayed outputs, which can be set to show holdover readings in Mil, MOA, in, or cm. Another feature practically unheard of on units at this price point is displayed full value (10 mph) wind hold corrections. Though wind speed is not actuall y measured by the unit, dis- played outputs reference the amount of hold needed based on the selected ballistic profile, and with some practice, can easily be adapted to wind values from 5 to 20 mph. Clarity was excellent, and low light perfor- mance was also very good. The illuminated display was easy to see in all light conditions, and there are three reticle settings to select from. A 6x magnification allows easy target acquisition at closer ranges in heavy cover. Features such as scan and last target priority are great for checking multiple targets while eliminating interference from non-desired objects. Sturdy aluminum housing and water- proof construction will withstand the nastiest of hunting situations. leupold.com Vortex Ranger® 1500 $579.99 6 x 22mm WEIGHT: 7.4 OUNCES MAX REFLECTIVE RANGE: 1,500 YDS ILLUMINATED DISPLAY: YES Accuracy VVVVV Clarity/Brightness VVVVV Features VVVV+ Construction VVVVV Overall VVVVV Exceptional brightness, especially in low light, coupled with great clarity and a gener- ous field of view make the Ranger 1500 from Vortex well suited for a range of applica- tions from bow hunting dark timber, to long shots on the open prairie. The waterproof, rubberized construction was easy to grip in rainy test conditions, and the adjustable brightness of the OLED display was nice on dark, dreary backgrounds and targets. Ad- justable diopter allows clear field of view, and the rim of the eye cup can be rolled back for use with glasses. Accuracy was excellent on animals as well as larger reflective targets under all condi- tions tested. In fact, a twenty shot group of readings on a sleeping cow elk returned the same 204 yard reading all twenty times. The farthest range achieved on a vehicle sized tar- get was 1,062 yards under mid-day overcast conditions. A slight deduction in score was due to the range and mode buttons both being on top of the unit where in the excitement of a hunting situation, a person may accidentally press the mode instead of the range button. Doing so won’t alter the settings of the unit, but could cause a delay in getting a reading. There is also a belt clip, though considering what I’ve lost in the woods over the years I’d stick to using the Ranger® 1500 with the pro- vided lanyard. The belt clip is easily removed. vortexoptics.com Bushnell G-Force DX ARC $399 6 x 21mm WEIGHT: 8.1 OUNCES MAX REFLECTIVE RANGE: 1,300 YDS ILLUMINATED DISPLAY: YES Accuracy VVVV Clarity/Brightness VVVV Features VVVVV Construction VVVVV Overall VVVV+ Slim, rugged metal housing with rubberized exterior is compact and easily packable while being durable enough to provide years of ser- vice. The illuminated display is excellent in low light, and features four-level intensity adjust- ability. Two target priority modes, BullsEye™ and Brush™ allow for customized target readings depending on user preference and application. Scanning is also possible. General operation can be set to three modes: ‘regular’, which provides only a line of sight distance; ‘bow’ which displays line of sight as well as an- gle compensated shoot-to distance out to 99 yards; and ‘rifle’ with a display that shows line of sight, as well as the shot angle and a ballistic correction for hold over in inches, centime- ters, MIL or MOA. The rifle mode is unique as it relies on se- lection of one of ten pre-loaded ballistic pro- files; eight for centerfire, two for muzzleload- ers. From the Bushnell website, select a profile (from over 2,000) that best matches your load then set the unit to that profile. Select your target zero(100, 200 or 300yd), output units(in., cm, MOA, MIL), and then range away. The display will show shoot-to ballistic calcula- tions with correction for slope. Overall accuracy was good, as was adjust- ability and mode selection. The magnification was a little light for longer distances, but fit most hunting scenarios well. Range practice must be done to ensure ballistic profile display data matches the user’s ballistics. bushnell.com www.westernhuntingjournal.com 35