Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 26

SHORT BLASTS 2 3 1 4 5 6 T The Perfect Pack he perfect hunting pack is anything but a one size fits all. From fit and features to capacity and construction, understanding the key components of a hunting pack is the first step towards selecting a system that will get you in and out of the woods with comfort and ease. 1. Fit 3. Size 2. Internal or External 4. Straps and Adjustability The first step in selecting a pack is to first determine the size that best fits your body type. Lean your head forward slightly and feel for the bump at the base of your neck. This is the C7 vertebrae. Next, slide your hands down your side below your ribs until you feel the top of your hip bones. Have a friend measure from the center of your back at an imaginary line across the top of your hip bones, up to the bump of the C7 verte- brae. This is your torso length. Many packs will refer to torso length in terms of their sizing. Internal frame packs utilize a support sys- tem that is tucked away within the con- struction of the main pack compartment. This helps to make packs very streamlined and close fitting to the body; a good option for wearing a pack day-in and day-out in brushy, timbered country. External frame packs are a lot like flat bed farm trucks. You can attach just about anything to them and they are built to haul. Many are simplistic in terms of bags and compartments, but can be easily custom- ized by attaching the bags or accessories of your choice. These are packs designed for hauling large, heavy loads of equipment or meat, and can be a little more bulky and awkward to wear while day hunting. 24 WESTERN HUNTING JOURNAL Packs sizes are most commonly expressed in terms of their internal volume in cubic inches or liters. Day packs are commonly in the 900-1,800c.i. (15-30L) range, while a pac \XHوX[[YX\܈B][KY^HZH[\X^HH L MK ˚K MNL H܈\\X][[\\B[\][X[\X\[KB\Y[H[[ݙY\HHܙX]XK\^H[[H\H[YX\[HX[H܈]\[^\[[[HXHۜ^Y܈H^BXX\[H[[˂X[HXY[HZHH[XHو\\ۈ\[N]\\\H[YXX[[[Y[و\Yۋ\][X\HY\ BY[\[[ۈHYZ[\YY X[^[[X\[X]HY\\KBX[H[\ܝ[ۛHݙ\[Yܝ ][][[\KYHX[[[Y\Y[[Hܜ[ ݚY[H\Z^XH] ܈\H][][\\H[ܛ[˂KY[[\ܝYK[ \YY[\[Z\\[\\X]HY[][[[ˈ[\\Y[[H\[X\\XH[YXH]YYH[\\ܝ[\\X[H[ݚY B[YHX[]Y[HX[BX\\[[]\Z\[X]YX[ۋX]\\”X\H]Z[XH]HYH[HقX]\\]H[\HH]][H]HوH8&]ܸ&B\RSHY\[X۝[H\\B[\ܝ[ \XX[HۈۙX[B[˂QPU QSX\XHوX\B[X]HYوYX][]H[HH\XHZ[XY]Y]HHXۙ\BYX]X[H][[H\HX\ٝ[ PTԖHTЕPT܈Y B][ۘ[\܈X\][[YKB[ۘ[XXX\܈\]Z\Y[HX\[HYY܈[[ݙYHHX™\[[ۈH\KUSTHPTS[H[[Y[X[HHZ[Y[X\ˈ][][\HX\[[[ BX\HX[[]Y][و][\] B]][YYHHX˂SSTZ[XHY܈[[ݙHY˜[X]\\[[HY\[Hق\H[HY[ X[[\[X\Y\[\ۙ[وHX[HX\[H[[ݙY TTSӈTX[^[HY[Z[[Z^[܈[ݙ[Y[XZ\[HY\[HۈHۙX]HX] B[ܙH\\[ۈ\H]\܈X^ B[][HX[]K][\H\\[ۈ\[[[X\HYHو[Y[\܈X\X\وHX\H^H[YܝXK