Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 23

Baranof and Chichagof islands). daggs Alaska offers liberal seasons for non-resident blacktail hunters. Rob Endsley, from Washington state, prepares his buck for the pack out. Sitka Blacktail Seasons at a Glance Unit 1 OVERVIEW 5 different hunts in Unit 1 (divided into units A and B) and different seasons and bag limits apply. Most of the hunting takes place on the Cleveland Peninsula near Prince of Wales. Unit 1A AREA Cleveland Peninsula south of the divide between Yes Bay and Santa Anna Inlet. LIMIT Two Bucks AREA Remainder of unit. SEASON Aug. 1 to Nov. 30 LIMIT Four Bucks Unit 1A 2016 Harvest Stats: 405 Deer Harvested, 655 Hunters, 0.6 Deer Per Hunter. Unit 1B AREA Remainder of unit. SEASON Aug. 1 to Dec. 3 LIMIT Two Bucks UNIT B HARVEST STATS 116 Deer Harvest, 176 Hunters, 0.7 Deer Per Hunter Unit 1C AREA Douglas, Lincoln, Shelter and Sullivan Islands. LIMIT Four deer BUCK SEASON Aug. 1 to Sept. 14 ANY DEER SEASON Sept. 15 to Dec. 31 AREA Remainder of unit. LIMIT Two Bucks BUCK SEASON Aug. 1 to Dec. 31 UNIT 1C HARVEST STATS 329 Deer Harvested, 880 Hunters, 0.4 Deer Per Hunter Unit 2 OVERVIEW Encompasses Prince of Wales Island. SEASON Aug. 1 to Dec. 31 LIMIT 4 bucks UNIT 2 2016 HARVEST STATS 3,419 deer (1.3 deer per hunter) Unit 3 OVERVIEW Falls within the Petersburg management area. Four different hunts on Mitkof Island, Kupreanof Island, Kuiu Island, Zarembo Island, Etolin Island, Coronation Island, Woronkofski Island, Deer Island and Wrangell Island. Frederick and north of Tenakee Inlet including all drainages into Tenakee Inlet. BUCK SEASON Aug. 1 to Sept. 14 ANY DEER SEASON Sept. 15 to Dec. 31 LIMIT Three deer Unit 4 AREA Remainder of unit. BUCK SEASON Aug. 1 to Sept. 14 ANY DEER SEASON Sept. 15 to Dec. 31 LIMIT Four deer UNIT 4 2016 HARVEST STATS 7,199 Deer Harvested, 3,743 Hunters, 1.3 Deer Per Hunter Unit 5 OVERVIEW Two different hunts. General season and a youth hunt. Hunting takes place on the Yakutat Peninsula. YOUTH ONLY SEASON Oct. 15-31 GENERAL SEASON Nov. 1-30 LIMIT One Buck UNIT 5 2016 HARVEST STATS 21 Deer Harvested, 64 Hunters, 0.3 Deer Per Hunter Unit 6 OVERVIEW Congruent seasons for residents, and non-residents. Different bag limits apply to each. Most of the hunting takes place around Cordova, Valdez, Whittier and the Copper River Delta. BUCK SEASON Aug. 1 to Sept. 30 SEASON Aug. 1 to Sept. 30 (buck season); Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 (any deer). LIMIT Five deer (residents); Four Deer (non-residents) Unit 6B UNIT 6B (NON-RESIDENT) 2016 HARVEST STATS 4 Deer Harvested; 1 Hunter; 4 Deer Per Hunter UNIT 6C (NON-RESIDENT) 2016 HARVEST STATS 17 Deer Harvested, 27 Management Area SEASON Oct. 15 to Dec. 15 LIMIT Two Bucks Hunters, 0.6 Deer Per Hunter Unit 8 OVERVIEW Four different hunts available all taking place on Kodiak Island and surrounding bays. Hunts are divided into road management systems, archery and muzzleloader hunts, and general season. UNIT 3 (GENERAL SEASO ␤$T&VFW"bVB4T4VrFb3ĔԕBGv'V60$T&VFW"b֗Fb6BtTU$$dR4T4$@55DTVrF7B3ĔԕB'V6UD$4U%UTDU 4T4$B55DTbbFTB2$4U%$T֗Fb6BWFW'6'W&pvWvG6'WGFW'v'F6G24T47BR3ĔԕBR'V6TB2$U4DTBŒ$TFB'FbW&Vb6@FRƖFV&W&rV7VV7BbFP'FvR&GV66'FvP4T47BR0ĔԕBR'V6TB2#b%dU5B5DE2spFVW"'fW7FVBrVFW'2FVW W"VFW VB@dU%dUrGvFffW&VBVG2VFp67W'2FR$26G2F֗&ƗGFV23ĔԕBFVW tTU$$4U%UTDU"4T4$@55DTb@ĔԕBFVW tTU$4T4%T4Ő$TDU"bTBVrF6WB3ĔԕBF&VRFVW tTU$4T4DTU"7BFFV23ĔԕBF&VRFVW TB#b%dU5B5DE2sFVW $T66vb6BV7Bb'@'VWW 7FVV6@FWVFrv67FFRRV@vFW&fvBWBvV&&G0vFWVB&vVǒW"66R`6FrVB6B"7FVV6B7@WBvV&&BVFW'2&VfW"VBvRvFW&fvVFW'2&R&WV&V@F6BF26B'WBb^( &PVFrV6G2&VFB&RЧV&W2FRW6Rb7FVV6B7FFRt2fVFW&B7FFR&VgVvW2^( &RǐF27FVV6BFB7F6RRvvBF6BGv6W2&rЦW"7FVV6BFVBWPvVB&RbR6B" +֖6V@V&W"bf"V6G2RvVBvBFW6RV&W"B7FVV6BFF667FVB&Ɨ7F0Vff6V7FR6R2G'VRbRV@vFV&W"BVBW6RV&W""7FVV6B7FVV6B27BVffV7FfRB6'@&vR&V6W6RB2ƖvFW"vVv@7FVVVWG2vVvRF&BW727FVV6B&WF2W72VW&wB6W0G2VffV7FfVW72FRf'FW"BG&fV26ǒWBB62FR6FvvW"bVB6B'WBvVf&6V@FVBvF7FVV6BW6RV&W"@7FVVF6WfR6&&R&Ɨ7F0Vff6V7BRfFVvB&V6W6P7FVV6BGFW&2&RFvFW"W6Rখ&fVB7ƖFW""FfVB6P26VBFgV6RࢃbFVW"W"VFW"wwrvW7FW&VFvW&6У#