Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 14

BONE YARD ENTER THE BONE YARD PHOTO CONTEST Send us your photos for a chance to win a SigSauer KILO220MR rangefinder valued at $500. Go to Western Hunting Journal’s website and enter your photos under Bone Yard. One winner will be chosen each issue. Winners will be announced online, and on our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram). Cong ][][ۜXZ[YH]\\\Yx&\[\STBSBST[Y[XHZZ[[TQSN\[K[\BTPN[\H[BPTӎ[و MBԑN M”QN[Z[ۈ SSUSUSӎ[Z[ۈ L܈ܙKSUUT[YZYY ][Z[JBUQVP“USHQTӑHPTSTԑQӂHSSRSUSTXZ[YH]\TQSN^\H[ ܙYۂTPN[H[[Z[ܙYۋPTӎ MBԑN QNMX\̈ SSUSUSӎBUUT[YZYYLTTSSTSSTX܈\ Y X\ YTQSNܝ[ ܙYۂTPN]Y^X”PTӎ ”ԑN M   BQN X]\BSSUSUSӎY\[[Z][H N ܂UUT\YZ\[