Western Hunter Magazine July/August 2019 #70 - Page 97

QUICK TAKES ON GREAT HUNTS FROM WESTERN HUNTER READERS Arizona Idaho Doug Helsel Arizona Josh Cleghorn Eagle, Idaho Doug defied incredible odds in drawing two amazing tags – desert sheep and a cow bison. After filling the bison tag, he and his dad went sheep hunting. Doug dealt with adrenaline rushes, but was finally able to make the shot of his life. Josh was hunting with good friend, Rod Bradley, in north-central Idaho, hoping for a good bear to bring home. This burly bruin did the trick, providing for a very memorable hunt. Josh is the Co-Founder of Kryptek Outdoor Group. Wyoming New Mexico Colby Bradley Eagle, Idaho Colby and his dad, Rod, accumulated points for years, finally em- barking on their Wyoming antelope adventure. Colby surely over- achieved when he took this 84" massive buck on the first morning of his first antelope hunt! info@westernhunter.net Martin Perea New Mexico Martin drew a muzzleloader hunt in early October and the bulls were bugling. Larry Garcia came on the hunt and did an amazing job of calling. It was mid morning on the first day when the bull came charging in to 62 yards and Larry stopped him with a cow call. WESTERN HUNTER 97