Western Hunter Magazine July/August 2019 #70 - Page 96

All Tagged Out Oregon Colorado Tim Mickelson Independence, Oregon Karen Hellman Pinnt Colorado Tim and friends found lots of bear sign in a burned draw, thick with fresh grass. Tim staked out a rock outcropping, and after a couple hours, this big boar came in. One shot from his .300 WSM dropped him. Tony and Spike were a huge help on the pack out. Karen had an OTC bull tag and had been hunting the high country with her husband, David. Later, her son Chancey spotted a big bull while deer hunting. The next day, they headed up and were able to find this stunning bull, on which Karen made a great shot. Idaho Dioni Amuchastuegui Nampa, Idaho Dioni found this bear in spring 2016. They played cat and mouse for the next four seasons. Finally, Dioni hiked two miles to a stream crossing in order to get in on him. He then took the bear in the same avalanche chute where he was originally spotted. 96 WESTERN HUNTER www.westernhunter.net