Western Hunter Magazine July/August 2019 #70 - Page 92

WESTERN HUNTER MAGAZINE INFORMATION p The Changing Dynamics of Watching Television By Dan Hall A s technologies advance, more and more products are introduced to the market to make information and content easier to access. One area where this has been abundantly evident is the television market. Talk of cutting the cord: “a la carte television”, “pick-and-pay”, and “on-demand” has rolled off the tongues of count- less salesmen for a number of years now. Still, in the ever-expanding market of subscription video content services, to say the choices are perplexing would be an understatement. To gain a better understanding of what is avail- able without getting lost in the technological de- tails, we’ve done some research. Here are the vari- ous ways to access and watch Sportsman Channel content like The Western Hunter so you can choose the platform that works best for you. Linear vs On-Demand There are several ways to watch TV shows in our modern era, but all of them fall under one of two categories: linear or on-demand. The Western Hunter airs on the Sportsman Channel, whose con- tent is available on a number of platforms including traditional cable or satellite service, My Outdoor TV (MOTV), Sling TV and Fubo, with additional plat- forms currently in the works. 92 WESTERN HUNTER Linear: Cable and satellite services are an ex- ample of linear platforms – meaning the content is scheduled ahead of time and aired in a linear time- line according to the schedule. Another example of linear content would be livestreams for events such as sports games that are broadcasted as the event takes place in real time. Along with satellite and ca- ble providers, web-based apps like Sling and Fubo offer linear content streamed live via the internet. These apps are accessible through smart TVs and other various hardware platforms we’ll discuss in the next section. On-demand: On-demand services offer sub- scribers access to large libraries of video content to choose from whenever they want. Since hunting, fishing, and outdoor content is limited on the main- stream on-demand platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, and others, My Outdoor TV (MOTV) provides exactly this type of content as its own on-demand platform, with shows like The Western Hunter and other content from Sportsman Channel. OTT: Bridging the gap between these two types of service is over-the-top or OTT service. Satellite providers such as DirecTV and Dish offer over-the- top (OTT) services that deliver on-demand con- tent in addition to standard linear content. In other words, you can watch satellite TV as you normally would and also have access to a library of movies and TV shows that are available to watch at any time, similar to Netflix. Satellite and cable compa- nies are always changing their offerings and re- naming them, but currently, DirecTV NOW (XTRA Package) and the DISH Anywhere app (America’s Top 250 Package) are OTT services that offer Sports- man Channel content. The Hardware The television market has shifted in the digital age and tech companies have spawned a variety of hardware platforms in response. As more people move away from cable boxes, alternative hardware devices have popped up to fill the void. Amazon alone offers four variants of their Fire TV devices, with more sure to come. In addition to these devices, they have worked with television www.westernhunter.net