Western Hunter Magazine July/August 2019 #70 - Page 90

HUNTER MAGAZINE Listen Up: Podcasts By Chris Denham I f you haven’t already, give podcast listening a try. Apps are available for every smartphone and the subjects are only limited by your imagination and search criteria. Type in a name in the “search” and you will see if that person has his or her own podcast and also what podcasts they’ve been on. Here’s a few of my personal favorites. Listen up! T he Western Hunter Podcast is now live and available on all of the common podcast platforms. It’s something we have wanted to do for years, but time and human resources just weren’t available. To be honest, none of that has changed, so we had to accept the fact that we won’t produce a high volume of shows. But we can guarantee that we won’t waste your time with repetitive content or senseless banter. Each month we will talk with one of our editors and special guests, who are all tops in their fields. In Episode 1, I sit down with Nate Simmons and talk about the challenges of filming The Western Hunter. It was obvious that Nate had to be the first guest; he is not only incredibly talented, he is also the backbone of the entire company. In Episode 2, Western Hunter shooting editor, Colton Bagnoli, and I discuss everything from the finest bourbons to long-range shooting to life in Montana. Colton is one of the most unique and talented men I’ve ever known and I think you will agree. At the conclusion of an Arizona Coues deer hunt last fall, my son and videographer, Mark Denham, recorded Episode 3 around a camp- fire some 30 miles from a paved road. We discuss our thoughts re- garding the hunt and also some of the backstory that you won’t necessarily see on the TV show (airing this fall). I hope to do more interviews like this during our 2019 hunting season. During a spring trade show, Western Hunter editor Mike Duplan and I got up early to record Episode 4. We had a great discussion about mule deer hunting, the status of mule deer, and his new book, 90 iPhone Android The Edge. Mike is one of the most accomplished mule deer hunters in the West and recently completed his Grand Slam of North American wild sheep. PODCAST In the May/June issue, our cover story was about the potential new world record archery mule deer taken by Justin Gordon. In Episode 5, I spoke with Justin about this amazing buck and his pas- sion for mule deer and conservation. If anyone deserves to tag a 348" buck, it’s Justin, and if you listen to this podcast, I think you will agree. A few weeks ago, I traveled up to Montrose, Colorado to hunt tur- keys with Wayne Carlton, which is about like shooting some hoops with Michael Jordan or taking golf lessons from Jack Nicklaus! In Episode 6, we discussed the invention of elk calls, how hunting has changed, and his new company, “Native by Carlton”. Wayne has been fighting Parkinson’s disease for decades, yet deep Colorado snows didn’t hold him back on our hunt. Below I have chosen three podcasts that I have enjoyed and think you would as well. I know all three of these hosts personally and respect their history and desire to deliver quality content to the hunting community. If you have a favorite podcast episode that you would like to see featured in this column please let me know at chris@westernhunter.net. Happy listening! Podcast Wilderness Attitude Episode 81 Date April 20, 2018 Host Brandon Waddell Guests Joe Letarte It’s difficult to pick just one episode from this collection. Host Brandon Waddell is one of my favorite people. He always brings energy and humility in each recording. In this episode, he interviews Alaskan master guide Joe Letarte. With close to 40 years of experience guiding hunters in every corner of Alaska, he has had some amazing adventures and a unique perspective on the hunting history of state. I can only hope these two get together and record another session soon. Podcast Solo HNTR Episode 23 Date May 6, 2018 Host Tim Burnett Guests Global Rescue If you’re a fan of the Solo Hunter TV show with Tim Burnett and Remi Warren, then you’ll enjoy the podcast even more. Global Rescue is the sponsor of the Solo HNTR podcast, so you might think it’s just an advertising plug, but you would be wrong. I learned a ton about this unique company and will be signing up for their service this year from what I learned. I would also recommend you listen to Episode 16, which was recorded with Remi and a guest down in Mexico. Podcast Journeys with Jennifer Griego Episode 11 Date June 2, 2019 Host Jennifer Griego Guests Greg Krogh I have known Jennifer since she was about ten years old. She has battled cystic fibrosis her entire life and yet completed her Grand Slam of North American Sheep last year. Hunting has been her motivation to fight and she brings that same energy and inspiration to each episode. Greg Krogh is one of the best hunters I have ever met and is regarded as one of the top guides in the West. I have known Greg for about 30 years and always has a crazy (but true) story to tell. He has hunted with the Griego family many times and so have I, but in this episode they tell stories I have never heard. WESTERN HUNTER www.westernhunter.net