Western Hunter Magazine July/August 2019 #70 - Page 88

FITNESS / NUTRITION KRISTY TITUS, FITNESS/NUTRITION EDITOR For those of you who cannot run due to injury, etc., I recommend trying weighted ruck workouts that involve varying elevations to build the muscles of your heart. The goal is to cultivate a workload that isn’t necessarily fast but long in duration and can be done at a steady pace. End Goals Running is a great way to increase endurance and enjoy the outdoors. training period. Within a short amount of time, I found myself running two songs, then walking one song for recovery. Now, I just simply run, walking only long enough to recover from breathlessness, if necessary. Typically, this would be from terrain changes such as walking/jogging up a steep hill. 88 WESTERN HUNTER Consistency is key. When you start, don’t feel bad if you’re dreading your workout. To get fired up, incorporate Wilderness Athlete Brute Force pre- workout into your regimen. The caffeine will help prepare your body and Moomiyo and Rhodiola will prepare your mind with a boost. Basically, it will help power you up and get you 110% ready for work. With time, you will gain strength and endur- ance and you’ll look forward to working. And that means you may even look forward to running. After you return to zero, if you miss workouts, you will have energy “to spare” and will feel perhaps even hyper. The goal is that you feel as strong and vi- brant on the last day of your hunt as you did on the first. As a bonus, being in shape, feeling stronger and increasing your vitality will perhaps even give your love life a boost. Wilderness Athlete Brute Force Pre-Workout will supercharge your mind and body to prepare you for your workout. The only way to get stronger and increase your endurance is to put in the time, effort and remain dedicated. Perhaps there is a CrossFit box near you that will help you to develop the fellowship with other like-minded individuals to get you going in the right direction. www.westernhunter.net