Western Hunter Magazine July/August 2019 #70 - Page 86

HUNTER MAGAZINE HUNTING FITNESS & p NUTRITION Return to Zero Preparing your mind and body for work Kristy Titus fitness & nutrition editor CrossFit combines gymnastics, Olympic powerlifting, and calisthenics. You never know what you’re going to get when you show up, which makes for fun workouts. C endurance “ Cardiovascular in the gym or on a hunt is one of the best investments that you can make in your body. With a strong heart, you can maintain your pace for extended periods of time.” 86 WESTERN HUNTER rossFit has created its own unique culture. There are set workout times where everyone completes the same workout as a group. The music is loud to not only motivate but to dis- guise some of the grunting and weight dropping that goes on during the typical workout. It’s com- monplace to see people walking around with chalk hand prints on their clothing, and it’s considered a badge of honor to leave sweat angels on the ground and to have callused hands. But the main rule in the CrossFit culture is that you only talk about CrossFit or the diet that you’re on... All joking aside, this perception of CrossFit can make showing up to a “box” more than intimidating to the newcomer. The reality of CrossFit is that the gyms consist of a very welcoming and extremely diverse community consisting of both men and women of all shapes, physical abilities, and ages. There are a lot of people that try to talk new- comers out of even trying CrossFit for fear of injury. The reality is that any incorrect lifting technique or lifting too heavy can cause injury. And CrossFit coaches are there to help you to “scale” your work- outs to reduce the occurrence of injury by using correct lifting techniques or to assist the exerciser to work around an existing injury. The essence of CrossFit combines gymnastics, Olympic powerlifting, and calisthenics. The class- es last one hour with ample time for a dynamic warmup and stretching, a core focused movement or movements, and an intensity-focused, exhaust- ing 20-minute-or-less workout of the day (WOD). CrossFit classes set up a competition-driven RX program that newcomers can aspire to reach and advanced CrossFitters can strive to crush. This com- petition-driven RX programming inspires results because we all note our times and weights on a board at the end of each class. No matter where you finish, CrossFitters respect that you showed up and put in the work...period. Callused hands are proof of dedication. www.westernhunter.net