Western Hunter Magazine July/August 2019 #70 - Page 64

WESTERN HUNTER MAGAZINE NEXT-LEVEL TACTICS p The Blueprint for Part 2: Instincts of Man and Deer Mike Duplan hunting editor 64 WESTERN HUNTER I n the last issue of Western Hunter, I talked about finding areas and places where mule deer bucks might experience less hunting pressure and environmental factors to get some age. Outwitting a mature mule deer buck is high on many hunters’ bucket lists. Here are some tips and ideas to narrow down your unit to more manage- able chunks and eliminate those days of simply taking your bow or rifle for a hike. Also in the last issue, Nate Simmons wrote an entire article on “Picking a Hunting Spot.” It’s a fan- tastic look at the nuts and bolts of how Nate goes about it, in a very methodical way. I use some of Nate’s tool and methods, but I also rely on my own internal hard drive of hunting experience. Barstool Psychobabble? When you do something long enough, you de- velop experience. Experience isn’t just a black and white set of knowledge and values; it’s also an ac- Mule Deer cumulation of references to times and events that shape how we view upcoming events, situations, and challenges. A subconscious intuition starts to take hold. Most often, we have a bias of sorts that helps steer the direction or plan we take and it’s most often that way because of a strong positive or negative experience associated with it. If this sounds like me dabbling in barstool psy- chobabble, trust me when I say there is something to this. If I have hunted a certain type of terrain or geographical feature and have had success, I might be looking for similar places – either consciously or subconsciously. A north-facing aspect with an aspen patch, timber stringers, and a sagebrush ridge top will immediately grab my attention for those reasons. Conversely, a canyon with heavy tim- ber and few openings will cause me to shy away, because I know that for a spot-and-stalk mule deer hunter, it’s a fool’s game with very little chance for success. www.westernhunter.net