Western Hunter Magazine July/August 2019 #70 - Page 51

Gear for the Western Hunter SIG SAUER ELECTRO OPTICS BALLISTIC DATA XCHANGE (BDX) SYSTEM Sig Sauer Electro Optics is among those offering ranging devices that link to other devices for added functionality with their Ballistic Data Xchange (BDX) product line. only warrantying the electronics in RFB’s for as little as one year when they first came out. Most people didn’t want to risk spending the extra mon- ey if the rangefinder could potentially break and become unusable. After many years of producing reliable range- finders, the major manufacturers have established solid reputations. Also, consider that most binocu- lars are well-sealed against moisture and utilize a far more rugged metal housing for delicate elec- tronics than stand-alone rangefinders. Hunters also tend to pay more attention to how they carry and care for their binoculars. Handheld rangefinders that ride in a belt pouch, jacket pock- et, or pant pocket are more susceptible to loss and damage. I’ve personally ruined or lost three hand- held rangefinders, but I’ve never lost or ruined a pair of binoculars. Most brands have also improved their warranty coverage on electronics, with Vortex even warran- tying their new Fury HD 5000 with their uncondi- tional lifetime VIP warranty. Leica first created the RFB category back in 1992 with the first rendition of the Geovid, so it’s a relatively safe bet that they’ve figured it out after more than a quarter century building them. Another reason RFB’s haven’t been more pop- ular is that they were simply too expensive for the average consumer. While there’s still no shortage of choices at the high end, we are seeing some extremely powerful units with solid optics at price points many will find more palatable. Vortex and Sig Sauer Electro Optics are producing good op- tions in the $1200 range and Bushnell’s 1-Mile ARC has settled into the $950 range after several years on the market. New pressure from this market segment may bring some of the prices down at the high end, and higher volume should invite even more competition and options in the future. The long-range shooting craze will undoubtedly continue to drive demand for better rangefinders with built-in ballistic solv- ers and it’s a good bet that we’ll see more good BRF options emerge from other manufacturers in the near future. — Western Hunter 2019 Rangefinding Binocular Options — Brand Bushnell Vortex Sig Sauer Swarovski Leica Zeiss Model Victory RF Fusion 1-Mile ARC Fury HD 5000 Kilo 3000 BDX EL Range Geovid HD-B 3000 Typical Street Price $925 $1,299 $1,199 (10x42) $3,299 $2,999 (10x42) $3,550 Power (x) Obj. Dia. 10x42, 12x50 10x42 10x42 8x42, 10x42 10x42, 8x42, 8x56 8 & 10x42, 8 & 10x54 Angle Compensation YES YES YES YES YES YES Ballistic Calculations YES NO YES NO YES YES Temp/Pressure Sensors NO NO NO* NO YES YES Laser Range/ Ballistic Max 10–2760 yd/ 800 yd 5–5000 yd/ NA 5–3200 yd/ 800 yd (3200 w/Kestrel*) 33–1500 yd/ NA 10–3000 yd/ 1000 yd 16–2500 yd/ 2500 yd Listed Weight 10x42 Laser Beam Divergence 31 oz. 32.3 oz. 31 oz. 31 oz. 34.5 oz w/battery 32.3 oz 1.5 x 3.0 MRAD 1.5 x 0.1 MRAD 1.3 x 0.5 MRAD 1.5 x 0.5 MRAD 1.2 x 0.5 MRAD 1.6 x 0.5 MRAD FOV @ 1000 yds 305 ft. 321.5 ft. 320 ft. 330 ft. 374 ft. 345 ft. Case Included? YES YES (Bino chest harness) YES YES YES YES Threads for Tripod Adapter? NO YES YES NO, use Swaro’s UTA or send to the Outdoorsmans to install tripod stud. NO, use Leica 42220 Tripod Adapter NO Notable Features Uses 8 ballistic profiles to approximate rifle ballistics. Holdover solutions in MOA or MIL. Archery mode to provide horizontal distance between 10 and 99 yards max, “brush” mode helps filter out brush. Value++ Exceptional optics, great laser. Use 12 embedded ballistic profiles or upload custom profiles using Leica computer app and micro SD card – can’t update on the fly. Holdover, EHR, or MOA, nice ergonomics. Only FL lens elements in the class, nice ballistic package. Right/Left hand compatible w/dual ranging buttons, free ballistic app uploads ballistic profiles via bluetooth link, MIL/MOA or horizontal range. Warranty Optics/ Electronics 2 Years 5 Years/ 3 Years Lifetime Ltd/ 5 Years info@westernhunter.net Legendary optics, Scan/Best/Last Target *3000 BDX pairs with minimum range is ranging modes, LOS or & displays solution in 33+ yd, no on-board HCD distance modes, BDX rifle scopes. Also ballistics. Lightweight, includes bino harness pairs w/Kestrel AB and farthest ranging model (sold separately) proven EL design, well balanced. Very good capability, combined to display ballistic drop/ warranty service. with great optics at windage up to 3000 yd the price point. with Kestrel atmospheric Excellent lifetime data and ballistic solver. warranty service. Good value and add-on capabilities. Lifetime VIP Infinite/ 5 Years 10 Years/ 2 Years WESTERN HUNTER 51