Western Hunter Magazine July/August 2019 #70 - Page 36

JOSHUA MILLER • ALASKA • 2018 A FINDING GREAT SUCCESS AMID FEARS OF MISSING THE MIGRATION s the Piper Super Cub engine ramped up, so did my adrenaline. My brother, Jeremy, my buddy, Daniel (DJ), and I were embarking on our maiden voyage into the wild frontier of Alaska. My first time flying in this front-to-back, two- seater aircraft equipped with 36" balloon tires was a thrill. Our pilot, Zach, shuttled our crew of three one at a time, 130 miles deep into the backcoun- try. He then took off in 50 yards of rough ground next to the river. Soon, all was quiet. As we took in our surroundings, we were greeted with never-ending ridges and huge, open spaces. Our quest for caribou was just beginning, 18 months after we set this dream into motion. Per Alaskan rules, we finished the first eve- ning glassing for caribou but not chasing them. The prospects for our hunt were somewhat sub- dued as our pilot reported that the herd had been moving through the area weeks early. We spotted a handful of small bulls, but realized we had our work cut out for us.