Western Hunter Magazine July/August 2019 #70 - Page 32

TWO FRIENDS HONOR A CLOSE FRIEND ON A SPECIAL HUNT Not How the Story was Supposed to Go his story really begins a few years ago in col- lege. Josh Logsdon, Casey Gillenwater, and I were roommates in college and we worked together at the local sporting goods store. Between school, work, and home, it seemed like we were never apart. That’s when the planning for an “epic” mule deer hunt all started. We spent all our free time researching units, scouting, and dreaming about one day knocking down three big ol’ bruiser bucks. In September 2017, a big wrench got thrown into those plans. Our dear friend, Casey, passed T CODY RAPKE COLORADO • 2018 32 WESTERN HUNTER away in a tragic car accident. I can honestly say that with the loss of such a dear friend weighing so heavy on my mind, I don’t remember a single day in the field from the 2017 hunting season. With both Josh and I taking jobs in different cities, we don’t get to spend the time together that we once did. We talked about it early in 2018 and decided that life is too short to not be in the moun- tains hunting and making memories together. So, we applied for tags and waited anxiously. When the draw results came out and we realized that we had both drawn, we realized our long-awaited buck hunt was finally going to happen. www.westernhunter.net