West Virginia South April - May 2019 - Page 65

National Geographic Travel and BBC Wildlife. He began seeing an uptick in those publications when, after his wife left the Navy, she joined him on the road as a travel writer and the pair began exploring the United States as well as various countries, submitting photos and stories in tandem. Fletcher has taken photographs in Spain, France, Australia, Eng- land, Northern Ireland, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, El Salvador, Belize and Malta. But he says he believes he most enjoyed his trip to Israel, where he photographed everything from reli- gious sites to architecture. β€œIt was picked up by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Charlotte Observer and Dallas Morning News,” he says, list- ing a few of the publications. His interest in Israel was perhaps heightened by his interest in religion, as he received a degree from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Semi- nary in the 1990s. But he opted not to pursue a life in ministry, and when his wife finished her 15 years in the Navy in 1994, they returned to his native Cowan, as he says he felt called by the moun- tains. APRIL-MAY '19 ❖ SOUTH ❖ 65