West Virginia South April - May 2019 - Page 58

“Emily, my daughter, lives in Birmingham (Ala.), and craft beer is taking off in the South and is now head- ing north, but she said, ‘Mom, you really need to think about doing that. There’s a lot of breweries coming up. It would be great for Beckley if you want to add that facet to the business.’” So in August 2016, after a remodel of the carriage house out back, Dobra Zupas launched its brewery. And in April 2018, just 1 ½ years into the brewing game, its Lunar Eclipse Stout, brewed by head brewer Chuck Noll, won first place stout as well as Best of Show at the West Virginia Craft Brew Festival in Fair- lea. Noll says the stout “profiles with roasty notes, dark chocolate and coffee notes.” “That comes from the dark roasted barleys that go into it,” he says. “And we finish it with a couple ounces of pure cocoa and a little tiny bit of an orange peel that’s put into boil with about two minutes left.” But that’s just one of 11 original beers on tap at Dobra Zupas. Noll brews each himself, one at a time. “From brew day to kegging is anything from two to three weeks,” he says. A few beers change out from time-to-time, depend- ing on the season and as they try new things. Noll describes the popular Key Lime Gose — their in- terpretation of a traditional German beer — as a “thirst quenching" beer with a lemony note. Dobra Zupas offers 11 of its own original beers, brewed by head brewer Chuck Noll. Its Lunar Eclipse Stout took home “Best of Show” at the West Virginia Craft Beer Festival in Fairlea in 2018. 58 ❖ SOUTH ❖ APRIL-MAY '19