West Virginia South April - May 2019 - Page 56

Dobra Zupas offers dining on two different levels in a Victorian-style building that was constructed in 1910 by a former Raleigh County Circuit Court judge. The main floor of the restaurant features two small dining rooms as well as a small bar area. Upstairs, Zu- panick offers a meeting room or, on busy days or evenings, an extra room for groups of eight or so, as well as a room used for parties or other large events. “We’ve had a lot of parties, baby showers and wedding showers,” she says of the room that comfortably seats 35-40. “It’s real popular with pharmaceutical companies.” Original hardwood flooring is 56 ❖ SOUTH ❖ APRIL-MAY '19 featured throughout the building and although Zupanick does not use them, the restaurant also features several original fireplaces. “When we were remodeling we tried to keep it as near the period as possible,” she says. But although the perfect location is essential for a successful restaurant, Zupanick says, the remodel on the building didn’t even begin until after she decided what kind of restaurant she wanted to have. • • • “The menu is mostly our experienc- es dining out,” Zupanick says, looking over Dobra Zupas’ various offerings. “It’s got some of our favorite things on it.” She says her family was very in- volved in the beginning of the restau- rant, but as both of her children now have their own careers in engineering, she bounces ideas off of them from afar. And now, five years later, she says she’s probably on her 12th or 13th menu.