West Virginia South April - May 2019 - Page 55

Wyoming County native Rebecca Zupanick moved Dobra Zupas to its current location on South Oakwood Avenue in 2014 when she decided to change from a lunch-only operation to a full-service restaurant. • • • It’s been seven years since Zupan- ick started serving up her good soup, first at the restaurant’s initial location on Third Avenue before moving to its current home on South Oakwood Avenue where it just celebrated its fifth anniversary. But the kitchen at Dobra Zupas is a bit different than where Zupanick’s initial job training took her nearly four decades ago. “I have a BS in mining engineering and a masters in business adminis- tration,” Zupanick says, explaining she worked for U.S. Steel and Min- ing Company and Cabot Oil and Gas before leaving the workforce to raise her two children, Emily and Joseph. And then, eight or nine years ago, she says, she decided to take a differ- ent path. “I just kind of had an interest in owning and running a restaurant,” she says. “So I decided to purse a culinary degree.” Zupanick enrolled in what was then Mountain State University in Beckley and, in 2 ½ years, says she completed every cooking class, from basic to French. She also opened her original location at that time, offering lunch service and catering. But she says she always knew she wanted more. “And then this building became available and my family and I decid- ed to buy and remodel it,” she says. The current Dobra Zupas opened March 26, 2014, in a four-story Victorian-style home constructed in 1910 by, Zupanick says, a former Raleigh County Circuit Court judge. APRIL-MAY '19 ❖ SOUTH ❖ 55