West Virginia South April - May 2019 - Page 54

Better Than Good Restaurant & brewery offer unique dining experience By Michelle James West Virginia South ❖ Editor Photos by Chris Jackson W hen new customers stop by for a meal or a craft beer at Dobra Zupas in Beckley, they often ask to speak to the owner. Lifelong Wyoming County resident Rebecca Zupanick says she loves meeting the people she feeds. And she isn’t even bothered that they sometimes think her name is Debra. “They look at the ‘o’ in Dobra and see an ‘e,’ but that’s OK,” she says, with a smile, explaining the meaning of her busi- 54 ❖ SOUTH ❖ APRIL-MAY '19 ness name. Zupanick says the original plan was to just go with “Zu- pas,” but a small chain of businesses in the Midwest with the similar name of "Zuppas" forced her to change it up a bit. And then, on suggestion of a family friend, the name ar- rived. “Zupanick is Slovenian and Dobra means good,” she says, smiling. “Zupas is soup. Good soup. “That’s it.”