West Virginia Executive Summer 2014 - Page 61

WE ARE PATIENTS, PHYSICIANS, AND PHARMACISTS FIGHTING DIVERSION A Technological Advancement In The Management Of Chronic Pain PPPFD, Inc. is an organization that provides services to more than 4,500 chronic pain patients in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee who are committed to fight prescription drug diversion in order to protect their access to legitimate chronic pain opiate pharmacotherapy. At PPPFD, our mission is to protect pain care from the patients, physicians, and pharmacists who divert legal pain medicines to illegal uses. Our mission strategy is to use a matrix of verification technologies that enables us to screen out patients using prescrption pain medicine for illicit purposes. One of our strategic technologies is our Internet-based biometrics (fingerprints) registry that enables us to screen out and keep law-breaking patients out of clinics and pharmacies in all 50 U.S. states. We have successfully screened out or pressed charges against more than 1,700 illegitimate or substance abusing patients. To achieve our mission, PPPFD hires experienced narcotics detectives with extensive DEA experience and FBI training