West Virginia Executive Summer 2014 - Page 33

[ leadership ] W est Virginia on the National Stage “Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves.” —Franklin D. Roosevelt By Jennifer Jett While our mountains are believed to create a protective barrier around our great state, the winds of change are no more a stranger to West Virginia than anywhere else. Industries, work force needs and education— everything is evolving at a rapid pace to meet demands of the global market. The entire health care system, from design to delivery of services and even the discovery of new treatments, seems to be in perpetual motion. New technology to improve communications, manufacturing and education are introduced every day. The eight candidates running for office in the U.S. Senate and Congress with aspirations of representing the Mountain State in Washington, D.C. each have their own perspective on these changes. In their own way, each sees the challenges of these changes. More importantly, they see the opportunities arising for West Virginia. With the November election right around the corner, West Virginia Executive wanted to provide our readers with firsthand perspective from these eight candidates on what they see as the challenges facing the Mountain State, as well as the strengths and the plan of attack each has for representing West Virginia while contributing to much-needed changes on Capitol Hill. The winners of these four races will be the faces of West Virginia on the national stage, and it’s important for voters to understand not only where the candidates stand on important issues but how they see West Virginia’s future and what they will do to ensure the Mountain State prospers. Be sure to get out and vote this November and play a part in the important selection of our state’s leaders. Visit www.wvexecutive.com for more interviews with the candidates. www.wvexecutive.com summer 2014 33