West Virginia Executive Summer 2014 - Page 106

Ken Allman discusses future renovations for Hinton. Ken’s patience and focus, it took four days and four separate trips to Florida for him and his team to carefully disassemble and relocate the exquisite model. Looking to the Future Ken. “Because downtown Hinton had hollowed out, dining options within walking distance of the growing headquarters were limited, as were entertainment options other than those found in the great outdoors surrounding Hinton.” Although Ken began to position the overall amenities from Beckley to Bluefield to Lewisburg to prospective and current employees, it was clear that someone would need to make some investments in the quality of life in Hinton in order for him to keep growing the business there. With the same patience and persistence Ken has demonstrated with PracticeLink, he launched MountainPlex in 2007. MountainPlex is dedicated to the restoration and sustainability of the Hinton Historic District and has had a distinct impact on the community. “While Hinton offered great affordability and available space, we really lacked some of the infrastructure and quality of life offerings that we needed to grow,” says Ken. “We decided to take that on with MountainPlex, first as a way to pave the way for PracticeLink’s growth but now as a sustainable business in its own right. Most importantly, we made a conscientious effort to do it in a way that would benefit the community and appeal to guests and travelers who pass through the area.” MountainPlex has launched a dizzyin