West Virginia Executive Summer 2014 - Page 103

[ entrepreneurship ] Hometown Hinton Creating a New Economy Hinton, WV is perched beautifully at the intersection of the New, Greenbrier and Bluestone rivers. It is also sitting at the intersection of the past, present and future of West Virginia. One of the leaders of Hinton’s exciting transition from old economy to new economy is entrepreneur Ken Allman. In many ways, Ken’s story of persistence, overcoming obstacles and hometown loyalty may lay the groundwork for West Virginia’s future prosperity. Coincidentally, I journeyed to meet Ken in Hinton on the day community members celebrated his recent recognition as the West Virginia Small Business Administration Business Person of the Year for his work as founder of PracticeLink and MountainPlex. It would seem taking time for an interview on his day of honor would be the last thing in which he would want to participate. Yet, as I soon learned, Ken seems to have time for everybody. By Jeff James www.wvexecutive.com summer 2014 103