West Virginia Executive Summer 2014 - Page 102

PETS ARE FAMILY, SO WE WORK TO KEEP THEM SAFE. What is PetRecon.com? Some of the ways PetRecon can help you: Our service is designed to help pet owners • relocate their lost pets. We do this by providing a free pet registration and lost pet notification service. Once a pet has been lost, you can send a free notification • • out to everyone located within your home zip code. The notification is sent using mobile messaging and email so that it • Automatically and immediately alert registered users by mobile messaging and email. Prevent the unclaimed pet’s demise by lethal injection or adoption from local animal shelters. Pre-register your pet to ensure instant alerts are sent to help you recover your pet sooner. By becoming a member today, you are entered into the system to help locate other members’ lost pets. gets the attention of the broadest user base. Each user confirms their mobile number so delivery is guaranteed. www.petrecon.com