West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 95

1990 1990 Hired as a real estate paralegal for Keith J. Pappas “I learned a lot from those early jobs, but the greatest lesson was that it is important to take pride in whatever it is I am doing.” 1995 1997 Hired as a real estate paralegal at Steptoe & Johnson PLLC 2000 2002 Graduated from WVU College of Law 2003 Passed the bar exam 2003 Hired as an associate at Steptoe & Johnson 2005 2005 Joined Centra Bank, Inc. as vice president and general counsel and president of Title Services, Inc. 2009 Returned to Steptoe & Johnson as of counsel 2010 2012 Elected a member at Steptoe & Johnson 2013 Opened The Vow Boutique with her daughter 2015 2015 Appointed practice group leader of the Banking, Real Estate & Financial Services Practice Group 2016 Appointed to Steptoe & Johnson’s Strategic Planning Committee was that it is important to take pride in whatever it is I am doing,” she says. “From counting widgets to drafting con- tracts, someone is counting on me to do a good job.” Alexander takes pride in more than just her work. She enjoys giving back to West Virginia, and for her, it’s \ۘ[ [^[\\ۘHH[YYYH[[[ [H^\Y]\[&]܈ܙ[^][ۜ]ݚYY\[˜\\[H[[Y\[H\X\\[\Y\\\H܈\]Y\B[H\HH\^K'][[Y[^H[][]B[Y^HYK8'HH^\ˈ8'HY&]]HBوۙY[K[H\Z[HY&][˜[[ۙH\[\\Y[]HY^K]HY]H[[\\[][XKB]\HH\XX]Y\Z[ܙ[^][ۜš[YYH][HYYY\\[K'BۙHو\\^\Y[\[[]KB]H\XH\]\\[YXX[Y]\܈[[ۛۂ\TK\[Y]KH\]Y[ B[\HX[\وX\H[KBX[\ܝYۈZ\\[\[\[ZYHH\[XY[]\\܈[KH\K\ݙB܈\XHYY [H[ۈœ\Hۈ]\[\[[Z]Y\ܚ[]H[]Y^K\]\’\K\H[Y\X[[H[BܛX][ۈ[\Y[وՕHB][ՕHYYX[H[[&\[X[[H[X]]܈[X[]KXܙ[[^[\X]]܂[X[]HHXX[XH[\X\X]\HHܙ]\[X[\\[][\HYH\XX][ۈ܂Hܘ[Hܚ˂'[[HY[ۛXYY][[HXZ]H]X[ܙH[]\8'HB^\ˈ8'HY[HۛX[ۈ[[[ B[]]]\\ܝ^HZYYYXYY X[Y\][[HBYHXH[X]K'B[Y][ۈ\\ܝوH[ۜٚ][][]KH[\\\BY[܈[[]Y\[\[Y[š[\\K\[\\[[B\[ۘ[[H[ܙ[ۈ\[\˜[][]K[\Z\ٙ\B[ۘ[ܛ '\[^H[][]H[H]HYB][Hو[ۙ[HYYY 8'HH^\˂'][Y\HYH[H\ۈH[B^K]Z[^HۙY[H[[YYHܙH\[[][ۜ\][\BYH]\H[H^K'B[Y[^[\\]Y[\]\x&\[^\Y[[YXB[[Z[ˈ8'H[HH\\[XH\]X\ 8'HH^\ˈ8'HݙH\]H[B[HXZH]XX[ \\[BX[\HH[[ ][[Hق[]\Hx&]H][Y ܈YK]\YK[]8&\\HH\][HܝKB]HXZH^HX[\YHYK'H;k ˕ՑVPUUKBBH MŽL