West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 88

Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center BY JEAN HARDIMAN. The Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center, known as MATRIC, has built a rep- utation on its unique export: innovation. Based at the former research headquar- ters of Union Carbide in South Charleston, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation was established in 2003 to save quality jobs in West Virginia after Union Carbide was purchased by Dow Chemical Company, which moved much of the existing research and technology work to other locations. Since then, MATRIC has put skilled re- searchers to work helping organizations across the globe solve an array of scien- tific and technological challenges. “We have had the opportunity to safely work on multiple continents, solving problems from Paden City, WV, to Mumbai, India,” says President and CEO Steve Hedrick. “These solutions may come in the form of new technol- ogy, new processes or through working with us to maximize the potential of our unique infrastructure.” MATRIC focuses on the areas of chemical, energy and environmental tech- nologies, as well as technical engineer- ing and advanced software technologies. Its employees’ expertise, combined with MATRIC’s laboratory and pilot plant fa- cilities and flexible intellectual property models, creates value for clients with mini- mized risk. Ninety percent of MATRIC’s product goes out of state, with clients coming from five continents. This innovation exporter has 100 em- ployees from around the world, some of whom have been with the organization from the beginning while others have been recruited to West Virginia. Thirty-three of MATRIC’s employees are Ph.D.-level re- searchers in organic and inorganic chem- istry and chemical engineering. Additional staff include chemical engineers, computer scientists and other experts who work at either the South Charleston headquar- ters or MATRIC’s Morgantown location. As a nonprofit, nearly all of MATRIC’s revenue is delivered to the local economy through rent, utilities, replacement parts, employee salaries and benefits and other avenues. “Our company is on the rise,” says Hedrick. “Our 10-year vision is highly evolved from the prevention of a loss of immense talent in the Chemical fW( Х667FVGB7G'VVB6琤%DĔ5t4U"667FVGB7G'VVB62FPv&N( 2VFrVf7GW&W"bvWF26F'2BFRFRЧfVW"b&GV7BƖRbRB6&R6F'2fVFV@S2'W&6667FVGBFR6v2Fǒ7V"Ц6G&7F"FFRW&76RGW7G'&fFrvw&FPvWFWFW'2f"W&76RB&&F'Ɩ6F2Ц6VFrFRV&&R76RFVW66R667FVGB&VvpvWF26F'2f"B7W'fW'2FRs2BG2F2ЧF7FfRVr7F66&V6RFRv&7FF&Bf"7W'fWVVB6FFF667FVGB6F'2&RǒW6VBf"GW7G&WFƗG6W&6BvfW&VBƖ6F2667FVGN( 07BV"&GV7G26VFRFRtS$7FRGW7G'VFW"r7W'fW'2BvvRG2WvW7BvWF06F"vvRv2VvVW&VBF6WfRFR67W&7bFRtS$7vR6VFVW6ǒffW&rFR6ЦvRֆFVBW&FbFRtӓ%BFV667FVGB26WFVBG2&GV7@ƖRF6VFRRB6&R6F'2f FRWFƗGGW7G'आVGV'FW&VBV&W7fRub667FVGB62F&RFc6VG&W27V7G2bFR'W6W72&RW&FVBW@bFRVGV'FW'26VFrVf7GW&r7W7FW"6W'f6R6rB&W'2ࣃ`tU5Bd$tUT5UDdP( vR66RFF'W6W72vW7Bf&v&V6W6RBv067BVff6VBvBVf7GW&r6FBBv&Цf&6RFB6VBFRvFV6&GV7G2( 62vVG'BF&V7F"b&WFrB'W6W72FWfVVB( vW7Bf&v62Vf&VBb7FFR7W'BgVFrF&VvFRvW7Bf&vFWfVVBff6R2&VV7&VF&P&W6W&6Rf"W2FFFBB2VVBW2vFW'BЦrFWr&WG2( ФFFFFr6R&GV7B667FVGB2fVBvFVRFRv&B&WGFW"6R#rFR6琦V6VBFR667FVGBVF&FV֖rFFfR66RFR&w&( 26WF667FVGB2FWVB&PFS6F'2F#bv"F&6VG&W2f"6V&6R`F֖W26W7FW"VF2BFW"VWFVB&F6RFW6RVG26RB67BFW"F6rFFP6V&6RFV2FRw&VB667FVGB'FW'0vFFRVFVBF2֖R7F6W'f6RFPR2FW'FVBb7FFRBFR&VB7&72F&WfWr6֖r&WVW7G2FR&w&27W7FV@F&VvFF2g&FfGV2&v旦F2@&VƖvW2ffƖF2