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laws and regulations of the state of West Virginia, the DEP doesn’t get to pick and choose who gets a permit. If a permit is valid and their activities meet all of the regulations of the state, then we have to give them a permit. WVE: What is your response to those who disagree with scaling Caperton and his friends rode 101 miles through the Rockies to raise $25,000 for cancer research. Photo by Austin Caperton. back regulations over concern for the state’s environment? For example, many feared HB 2506 would increase water pollution. AC: I am learning that this water regu- lation is very complex and technical. The bottom line is there is nothing out there that scales back the standards required for drinking water. Of course, we only regulate the input side, so when water reaches a certain point in any stream, it has to meet certain standards before it can be used as drinking water. It’s still going to go through the drinking water clarification and purification process, but we don’t regulate the output side. That’s the Department of Health. We regulate what happens before the water gets there. There are different ways of measuring the amount of discharge that any particular permittee can release into a stream. House Bill 2506 really changes how we measure what can go into a stream, but it has no impact whatsoever on the final product entering our water plants. WVE: When you took office, you removed the head of the DEP’s Office of Environmental Advocates, a move that has been met with some concern from the environmental community. Tell us about this move and others you’ve made and why they were necessary. AC: The laws and regulations of our state and the federal government rec- ognize that when a new administration INTRODUCING WEST VIRGINIA’S PREMIER, UNCONVENTIONAL CREATIVE MEETING SPACE! Four fun, colorful, uniquely themed rooms, each fully equipped with all your meeting needs at one flat rate. Call for a tour or to reserve a room for your next meeting, training or retreat. 1216 Smith Street • Charleston, WV 25301 • (681) 265-9465 www.greatexpectationsthinkspace.com Concierge@GreatExpectationsThinkSpace.com Mention this ad for 20% off a one-time reservation. Offer expires July 15, 2017. 56 WEST VIRGINIA EXECUTIVE