West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 55

2015 TOP NATURAL GAS PRODUCING COUNTIES Doddridge (364.0 Bcf) Wetzel (200.4 Bcf) Harrison (143.5 Bcf) Marshall (138.1 Bcf) Ritchie (84.3 Bcf) Tyler (62.1 Bcf) Ohio (39.1 Bcf) Taylor (29.8 Bcf) Barbour (29.7 Bcf) Marion (25.7 Bcf) SOURCE: WVDEP STATUS: Pending FERC Approval WB Xpress The WB Xpress (WBX) project proposes approximately 26 miles of pipeline re- placement for existing pipeline in West Virginia, two miles of new pipeline in Virginia, a new compressor station in Fairfax County, VA, and modifications at existing Virginia compressor stations. The project, which would cost approxi- mately $850 million, would directly boost West Virginia’s energy industry, as well as the state’s economy as a whole, accord- ing to Scott Castleman, U.S. Natural Gas Communications manager. “The WBX will help provide additional capacity of natural gas transportation for the Marcellus and Utica production areas in West Virginia to markets across the TransCanada system,” he says. “Through its 1.3-billion-cubic-feet-per-day capacity enhancement and new pipeline intercon- nects, WBX could significantly improve the service and flexibility of West Virgin- ia’s interstate pipeline system.” Specifically, the project promotes replac- ing 26 miles of 26-inch-diameter pipeline in Randolph and Pendleton counties; building a new compressor station in Kanawha County, which will require in- stalling two natural gas-driven units for added horsepower; building 1,500 feet of 36-inch-diameter pipeline from the Panther Mountain regulator station to the Kanawha County compressor station and 3,300 feet of 36-inch-diameter pipeline from the compressor station to the point of delivery; and modifying the compressor stations in Braxton, Upshur, Randolph, Pendleton and Hardy counties, all of which would require additional horsepower and piping. The WBX would be completed in two phases in 2018, pending approval.  CONGRATULATIONS! We are proud of you, Joe Eddy, for being named one of WV Executive’s Sharp Shooters! As Eagle Manufacturing’s President & CEO you’re not only innovative and forward-thinking, but you’re a true leader. On behalf of all your friends at CRA, congratulations – you deserve it! Brand Communications Strategy 877.342.0161 • charlesryan.com WWW.WVEXECUTIVE.COM S P R I N G 2 017 53