West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 44

Inside the Industry Energy & Manufacturing JENNIFER JETT PREZKOP For West Virginia’s energy and manufacturing industries, the last few years have proven to be quite the roller coaster ride. From the impacts of an overreaching Environmental Protec- tion Agency (EPA) to a volatile market, coal and natural gas have felt the effects of both national policy and global supply and demand. Manufacturing companies, downstream from the fossil fuels that drive their production, have faced stagna- tion driven from higher material costs and steeper competition. Optimism is rising for all three in West Virginia, though. With new administrations in both Charleston and Washington and the promises of extracting more coal, building pipelines to move the state’s abundance of natural gas to market and putting America’s manufacturers back to work, these industries in the Mountain State are hopeful the tide has turned. For our annual energy and manufacturing issue, we spoke with the executive directors o bFRvW7Bf&vBGW&v2766FBFWVFVBBv2766F`vW7Bf&v2tubBFR&W6FVG2bFRvW7@f&vVf7GW&W'2766FudBvW7Bf&v6766FvFFRvb6GW&r&VFrFW6PfFvW7Bf&vGW7G&W22vV26FRBv@FW&VƖWfRFRgWGW&RG2f"FVBFRVF7FFRC tU5Bd$tUT5UDdPR&V6WV7WFfRF&V7F"vW7Bf&vBGW&v2766FudSvfRW2'&VbWFFPW"GW7G'#B2G'VǒW6FrFRf FRBv2GW7G''F7V&ǒvW7Bf&vvR&RFR7W7`FR6R&WfWFGf6rWpFV6vW2FBvrf"FPFWfVVBbF2GW&&W6W&6PFBW"7FFRG2'VF6RFP7G2bFWfVrF2&W6W&6P&R7FVFr&fFrFW6G0b'2B&Ɩ2bF'2V6֖27BFVvBGW&v2&6W2fR&VVr&V6VFǒ&GV7F6FVW2F7&V6RvW7Bf&vv62GG&'WF&RF6FVW2Gf6VVG2FV6wFBrW2FG&B&GV6R&RVff6VFǒ