West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 131

Is your data really safe? In today’s connected world, every business should have a backup plan for their data infrastructure. Any amount of downtime could cost thousands, if not millions, of dollars. We can meet the growing demands with highly scalable data, power, cooling, compliance, and security solutions now and into the unforeseeable future. 24/7, 365 secured access Cisco-powered, Cisco- c \YYYܙH]ܚ”[XHX[]HYY][\]\HܛYY”XX[^Y][ۈ][ۜYY][\\]Z\[Y[˂\Z^XH[X[[XœX\H[\HX\]Z[XK[܈ۈ^HYHX\H][ۂXXH[[]H[\\[HHB\\\و]H˂ LˎL L MN˜[XK]X \”X[ ][YH\X[]H8$˜\Y\ܝ[\[˜\Z[]HY][B\ܛX[Hو[\\XB\ۙ[ݚY[BYYY\X[]H۝܂[\\[\\X][ۜ˂^\\ܝ8$\YYY\][ۜœ\ۛ[[[ۚ]ܚ[\[\œ\ܝ[\X\[[\BX^[][H]Z[X[]H[\[YK^\Y[H8$Y\[\]YB\\\H]HH]\Bܝ[و[\H^\Y[K]Z[X[]H\X[H^\Y[B[X[]HX\]HY[[H[XX[]