West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 121

In this collaboration, Bridge Brew Works and West Virginia Land Trust put their heads together to come up with a unique beer that Bridge Brew Works brews. Mean- while, West Virginia Land Trust develops marketing materials and helps get the word out via social media and at restaurants, pubs and other events where the special beer will be served. The two organiza- tions have found work that goes hand in hand and plan to collaborate again in the future. West Virginia Land Trust is also open to other brewery partnerships around the state. “We believe a significant number of craft beer drinkers view being associated with a good cause that has a positive in- fluence on our land and water as a good thing,” says Linch. “We are located in an outdoor sports mecca. Bridge Brew Works Co-owner Nathan Herrold is an avid fisher of our local waters. We depend on not just West Virginians playing here but also tourists. We feel having a desirable environment is a great thing and want to be associated with protecting and improv- ing it even in a small way.” According to Spatafore, keeping the rivers and streams clean is essential for drinking water, recreation and business- es. “The only way to truly protect our waterways is by protecting the land that borders it,” she says. “This is where the land trust comes in. We conserve land by working with communities and private land owners to keep the land free of pollutants that could enter our rivers and streams.” brewery. Their joint effort, the Weelunk Blonde Ale, is now a house staple and one of the brewery’s best sellers. The brewery has also partnered with Omni Strategic Technologies, a firm that works to improve business performance with effective technology and marketing strategies. With Omni’s location only two blocks down the street from the brewery, a partnership formed naturally. “We believe a local brewer like Wheeling Brewing is symbolic of the quality and crafts