West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 118

COME VISIT THE CITY OF ST. ALBANS! Dealers in Vintage and New Musical Instruments Since 1976 Fret ‘N Fiddle offers lessons and repairs on all stringed instruments. We have more than 150 stringed instruments in stock, including name brands such as Martin, Gibson, Fender and Taylor, and more than 50 violins, violas, cellos and double basses. HOURS: TUESDAY-FRIDAY, 12-7 P.M. & SATURDAY, 12-5 P.M. 809 PENNSYLVANI HUSQK SSՈ LMŠ H ̌MLL]YKB\YYYXXX[[’[YH^[[ \\][ۂ\]H[[X[[ ]Y][”^\\\][ۈ \ܝ[‘[\ [\\Y[\[Z\Y[[ [[[H\[[\X\܈ݙ\ LYX\ˈ[X[HK[\܋\Y\HH[ NM [HY][ۈ\۝[YY]\YHۜˈ[\ [\]\ݚYHX\]B[\[XH^[X[[\X\[\\ق[]YX[[\[\\ˈH\H]Y[H\؈XK]\XYH[\[\YY\܋ [[\ۈ \X[K MLX\[\KB H MM []Y[\Z]H L L \[XH B\\ۋ L BXP[\KB H M MB[ۋQH M ] M [Y[Yܚ]K[Z]Y[ \ۘ[]K