West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 113

1975 1975 Hired as a maintenance man for Crossgates, Inc. 1980 1985 1984 Co-founded Glenmark Associates, Inc. and purchased The Willows Nursing Home 1990 1995 1995 Glenmark Associates, Inc. became the largest nursing home company in WV 1997 Began developing Glenmark Centre, the first large-scale retail power center in Monongalia County 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2000 Named board president of Mylan Park Foundation, Inc. 2001 Received Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce’s Visionary of the Year Award 2002 Received WV Governor’s Service Award 2004 Named board director of West Virginia United Health System, Inc. 2008 Received Mylan Park Foundation, Inc.’s Milan Puskar Award 2015 Completed public- private partnership with WVU for University Park 2016 Received the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce’s Earl L. Core Award 2016 Received Mylan Park Foundation Inc.’s inaugural George R. Farmer, Jr. award “In simple words, we have helped our state and its people be successful just as they have helped us. Everything I am is a result of being a West Virginian.” own company was to start Glenmark in Morgantown.” A Morgantown native, Nesselroad has lived in the college town for most of his life, and he has used his impres- sive business background to make a pro- found impact on his community. Under his care, Glenmark developed Mononga- lia County’s first retail power center, led the revitalization effort of Morgantown’s Sabraton area, was the first major player in the Wharf District’s renaissance and developed a state-of-the-art on-campus residence hall and apartment complex in partnership with West Virginia Universi- ty to replace outdated student housing. Since 1996, Glenmark Holding LLC and its affiliates and subsidiaries have devel- oped or managed over 1.7 million square feet of property and been responsible for more than $300 million of construction and property development. Nesselroad believes hard work, hon- esty and a firm belief in God and help- ing others have had the greatest influence on his success, and his integrity and love of community translate into everything he does. He serves on a variety of non- profit boards and gives of his time and money to several Morgantown schools and charities. He currently serves as a member of the board of directors, execu- tive committee and chair of the risk com- mittee for United Bankshares, Inc. and as a member of the board of directors, ex- ecutive committee and chairman of the finance committee for the West Virginia United Health System, Inc. Nesselroad is the recipient of Mylan Park Foundation’s 2008 Mylan Puskar Award, Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Earl L. Core Award and the 2016 George R. Farmer Jr. Award for his community lead- ership, vision and service. “Charitable contribution is a very pri- vate part of my life but an important part of what our family does and strongly believes in,” he says. “I try to inspire others to contribute as they can by of- fering their time and talents to our com- munities, schools, churches and caring organizations.” Most notably, his vision for the Mor- gantown area led to the creation of Mylan Park, a community nonprofit recreation and education campus that is currently the largest event venue in North Central West Virginia, where Nesselroad served as board president for nine years and is a current board member. “I have been very fortunate to be a part of that dream,” says Nesselroad. “If we can continue to provide a park that gives education and recreational opportunities to all members of our community, we will succeed with our mission.” At the end of the day, Nesselroad cannot imagine utilizing his time and talent any- where but West Virginia. “A lot of folks told us we could never be successful in West Virginia, but we never listened to them,” he says. “Over 30 years, we have built businesses in West Virginia that have and continue to employ hundreds of people. In simple words, we have helped our state and its people be successful just as they have helped us. Everything I am is a result of being a West Virginian.”  WWW.WVEXECUTIVE.COM S P R I N G 2 017 111