West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 112

Mark R. Nesselroad CEO Glenmark Holding Limited Liability Company SAMANTHA CART Photo by Rebecca Devono. ACCORDING TO MARK NESSELROAD, CEO of Glenmark Holding LLC, the most adventurous thing he has ever done is go into business. “When you have no money and you want to borrow a couple million dollars, it takes a lot of convincing,” he says. An entrepreneur at heart, Nesselroad’s competitive nature pushed him to take the plunge. He began his first venture into business in 1984 when he purchased a nursing home in Park- ersburg, but this was merely the foundation for what he would 110 WEST VIRGINIA EXECUTIVE go on to achieve. By 1995, he had founded and grown Glen- mark Associates, Inc. into the largest nursing home company in West Virginia. “If you work hard, you can do and make anything you want,” he says. “I started out as a maintenance man in a nurs- ing home and worked my way up to vice president of Cross- gates. Arthur Schwotzer, the owner, provided me inspiration, guidance and latitude to learn and make mistakes. I wanted to become an owner, but I realized the only way I could own my