West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 109

1975 1980 1979 Graduated from Shepherd University “I hear and see first-hand what folks are exposed to and where gaps exist. Anything I can do to help makes a difference and is important to someone.” 1985 1986 Began a health care marketing career at City Hospital in Martinsburg 1990 1995 1996 Served as president of the Shepherdstown Rotary Club and was named a Paul Harris Fellow 2000 2005 2010 1999 Helped establish the Jefferson Healthcare Foundation at Jefferson Memorial Hospital 2005 Named vice president of marketing and development at WVU Hospitals-East 2006 Served as founding president of United Way of the Eastern Panhandle 2008 Named to the Girl Scouts’ Women of Distinction “Despite the fact that I always thought I would move away from this area, I am proud I have been able to have such a successful career right here in the East- ern Panhandle,” she says. “I love my job and very much appreciate the senior level position I now hold within the organiza- tion. I have thoroughly enjoyed the chal- lenges and knowledge I have gained over the past 30 years.” Experience and support are two things to which McCabe attributes her triumphs in her professional and personal life. Writ- ing for her school newspapers in high school and college and working in adver- tising sales provided her valuable experi- ence for a career in public relations and marketing, but it was the relationships and the people that had an even greater impact on who she is today. “I’ve worked with many great pro- fessionals here in the Eastern Panhan- dle whom I consider to be my peers and friends,” she says. “We have grown in our respective careers together.” When she thinks of the mentors and individuals who influenced her life the most, she thinks of her mother and father, whom she lost in 1981 and 2004 respec- tively. “They were my role models, and the values they preached and practiced remain with me,” she says. For McCabe, her hard work is not merely about a flourishing career. She has always made a point to give back to the community. She has a long history of involvement with several community organizations, including the Shepherd- stown and Martinsburg Sunrise Rotary Clubs and the United Way of the Eastern Panhandle. She also sits on the board of directors for the Boys & Girls Club of the Eastern Panhandle and is a founding member of Women Investing in Shepherd. Each of these organizations has a direct impact on the community where McCabe was born, raised, lives and works today, making the decision to give her time, talent and treasure to them [X\HۙKH[^\[[\ܝ[H[[ B[H[][]HY\\Y\'\\و^H؋H[H\H[Y[H[][]H[\\]ۙX B[\[][]HX[YY\\BY[܈\[^H[Y\ۈ[BY\8'HH^\ˈ8'HX\[YH\ Z[]\H^Y[\H\™^\ ][YH]H[ۙHوB[\\\و\\[XK\H\H[\XYY]\H[[Y] [][H[[XZ\BY\[H[\[\ܝ[Y[ۙK'B[XZHHY\[KH\%Y[H\HXHHۘHX[YYوX]B[ˈXXH[&]H\Y\]B^H[\Y] 8'YH[]]^H N ^YX\[[H[^K8&\\K۸&]H]\Z[Y›[ݙH]^K\[ܙHۈ][B[H[[H\Y\[H[œ\YK^Z[\H[HX\\[B[HX^H\]Y܈[BY\[ &x'H;k MB˕ՑVPUUKBBH MŒL