West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 107

1990 1990 Graduated from WVU School of Dentistry 1990 Hired as a dentist by Dr. Ken Wilson 1992 Purchased a satellite office in Buckhannon, WV 1995 “Ken taught me the importance of believing in the people you work with because they are your biggest asset.” 1998 Purchased the Morgantown practice 2000 2000 Purchased the Sabraton practice 2001 Opened the Elkins practice 2005 2004 Purchased the Teays Valley practice 2006 Founded WV Healthy Kids Drive 2007 Purchased the Fairmont practice 2010 2012 Launched OraCare 2012 Founded Freedom Day USA 2013 Founded WV iSelectMD 2014 Launched iSmile Orthodontics 2015 2016 Founded Tots and Teens Dentistry All this is from a man who grew up in Clarksburg with just the basics in life— good parents, three older siblings, foot- ball and friends. “We were not wealthy,” says Martino of his childhood. “In fact, looking back, we were borderline poor, but I never knew because my parents sacrificed everything for their kids. They gave us their best and taught us how to treat everyone equal. They are definitely my heroes.” While Martino had always been com- petitive in sports, it wasn’t until he took a grueling summer job in a glass factory during college that his education became a priority. The experience, during which he cut his hand three times and lost 10 pounds, motivated him to work harder in school, and the next semester, he earned his first 4.0 GPA. After receiving his un- dergraduate degree from West Virginia University (WVU), he pursued a doctor- ate from the WVU School of Dentistry. His first job in dentistry was with Dr. Ken Wilson, a treasured mentor who re- mains his semi-retired partner. “I really got lucky because he investe [YH[][[YHHY&] 8'H^\X\[˂'[]YYHH[\ܝ[Hو[Y]B[[H[H[Hܚ]X]\B^H\H[\Y\\] 'B[ۈZYYX\[ۈH]›X[Y[Y[[\Y][\H\KB\X ܚ]H[[[\ '][H]Y[\HX[YKBY[\ۙHوH\\X\[ۜو^BYK8'H^\X\[ˈ8']YX[\[\[œ][YX\وYHHH[\[ LžYX\و^\Y[Hܚ[]]Y[˸'BX\[ۜY\][KB[ۈۙHو\ܙX]\XY][Y[[Z[\Hو[H\Y[^Hš\X\ˈHXY][BHHY[ܜ\[\Y\^[]H[][]H\XHYܝ˂܈[[KX\[][^Y\[[ٙX\[YYH^HTH[ L8'HYXH\]H\Z[]\B[Z\[Z[Y\H^HوYH[[\B܈HY][YHوYYH^HݚYB܈\8'HH^\ˈۋ[\\[B[H\H\X\][[HۋBٚ]\ܛ]KYYH^BTH\ۘ]Y NZ[[ۈ[YH\KH[\\HՈX[HY‘]KݚY[YH[[\X\܂[Yو[[[X[K[Y][ۋ\ٙX\]HXY[ܙH[ L ]܈H[YY[H[Y[[H^KXXܘ[HXX[ ][šY H\[ X\X\]Y[B[ݙ\X\ˈH[\X\]\š[][[H\KYX[\œݚYHYH\H[[[XXY܋X\[[\YKܚK\HYKB]Y\ܝ\وH[YHY \HHX\H\&H\B][X[KH\K]H LB\YH]YK]HۙH]X܈H[[X[HY]H]^BX[YHH\ZH܈HX\[’\H܈][˂X\[\Y[H]\Hو\YH\Y[\]H][XH[YKH[\YHYXHx&Y]H\ŒN ^YX\[[YH[][[YK']H[ܙHۙY[K8'Hx&Y^K8']8&\›^HZ[]HZ[\HK'H;k ˕ՑVPUUKBBH MŒL