West Virginia Executive Spring 2017 - Page 106

Dr. Robert Martino CEO, Wilmar Management PLLC, EASW, OraCare and iSelectMD Founder, Freedom Day USA JEAN HARDIMAN Photo by Dennis Cutlip. ASK DR. ROBERT MARTINO how he got to where he is in life, and he simply gives credit to his people. Family, co-work- ers, longtime friends—all played vital roles in the life of this dentist-turned-CEO. The wisdom to surround himself with good people is one per- sonal attribute Martino will claim. Add his tendency to push the status quo and the way he demonstrably values his employees and neighbors, and you have the makings of a man who evolved from a well-respected dental provider to an ace entrepreneur. 104 WEST VIRGINIA EXECUTIVE Today, Martino heads four different companies: Wilmar Man- agement, PLLC, which owns and manages 13 dental offices; EASW, a Bridgeport-based international airplane maintenance company; OraCare, a national dental products company; and iSelectMD, a telemedicine company based in West Virginia. He also founded and chairs Freedom Day USA, a national charity in which dental offices give free care to members of the mili- tary and their families.