West Coast Wild Harvest Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2016 - Page 9

FOUNDER’S LETTER West Coast Bounty The beginning of our exploration T BRYCE M. WATTS PRESIDENT & CO-FOUNDER he West Coast is fortunate to be made up of such beautiful terrain. This rugged coastline, blanketed in lush temperate rainforest, is abundant with wild foods. As we get more accustomed to the ease of supermarkets and prepackaged foods, it is easy to lose sight of our connection to and dependence upon the land for our survival. We see nature as something separate from ourselves. Something removed from our everyday lives. Something only for weekend visits. Losing that connection creates a divide between our food, the land, and ourselves. Our identities are no longer tied to our local communities but to a global community that gives us ready access to whatever we seek. This is one of the great achievements of the modern age, but when it comes to food it has had effects on our health and identities. Geographic variability and seasonality have been replaced by a few core staples we can choose from at any point throughout the year. West Coast Wild Harvest is a resource for change; a resource that helps reengage ourselves with our landscape by showing the myriad of wild foods available in our own backyards. West Coast Wild Harvest is a part of Forager Foundation’s Wild Harvest Network and we have created this publication to act as a catalyst for people to reintegrate themselves with their surrounding landscape. Each seasonal issue will introduce new wild plants, wild food recipes, and stories from other wild harvesters. It is our mission to use this magazine as a way to help readers take those first steps towards a new relationship with their food and with their communities. SPRING/SUMMER 2016 9