West Coast Wild Harvest Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2016 - Page 7

TABLE OF CONTENTS C HEF ’S TA B L E HARVESTER’S TALE H ISTO RICA L WILD FOODS CHEF H I R O TA K E D A 31 B R Y C E M . W AT T S ’ FORAGING JOURNEY 49 RED ELDERBERRY RISING 61 Chef and owner of 293 Wallace in Hope, BC, Hiro Takeda has taken his Japanese heritage and experience at one of the world’s most famous restaurants into something truly unique. Explore his journey. President and co-founder of Forager Foundation, Bryce M. Watts has made a career out of experiencing what the local landscape has to offer. See how his path has led him into foraging and starting an international organization focused around just that. Red elderberries are thought by many to be poisonous or at least inedible. Follow the experiments of ethnobotanist Abe Lloyd as he takes a look at the traditional uses of this very common plant and get some tips for using it yourself along the way. SPRING/SUMMER 2016 7