Wellness Performance Center - Page 6

WELLNESS PERFORMANCE REDISCOVERING YOU PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE 01 COMPREHENSIVE COACHING APP Includes Fitness and Nutrition Tools 02 30 DAYS OF PDF MEAL PLANS Printable meal plans and recipes 03 4 WEEKS OF PERSONAL TRAINING One session in person and one virtual session each week PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU 04 4 THERAPEUTIC MASSAGES 1 hour each week 05 4 WELLNESS COACHING SESSIONS 1 hour each week Initial Set Up Fee: $950 Platinum Membership I: $595 Platinum Membership II: $495 1 2 PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP I PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP II Continued use of the Comprehensive Coaching App 30 Days of PDF Meal Plans 4 Weeks of Personal Training 2 Therapeutic Massages 2 Wellness Coaching Sessions Continued use of Ñ¡”) ½µÁɕ¡•¹Í¥Ù” ½…¡¥¹œ)ÁÀ(ÌÀ…ǻ½˜A5•…°)A±…¹Ì(Ё]••­Ì½˜A•Éͽ¹…°)QɅ¥¹¥¹œ(āQ¡•É…Á•ÕÑ¥Œ5…Íͅ”(ā]•±±¹•Í́ ½…¡¥¹œ)M•ÍÍ¥½¸()™Ñ•È½µÁ±•Ñ¥¹œ)å½Õȁ™¥ÉÍЀÌÀ‘…åÌ°)¡½½Í”½¹”½˜½ÕÈ)Aɕµ¥Õ´)5•µ‰•ÉÍ¡¥À)A…­…•ÌÑ¼)½¹Ñ¥¹Õ”å½ÕÈ)©½Õɹ•ä„((0