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Annual Membership Renewal Paying the Membership Fee Every year in early April, we send a renewal notice to each physician with a non-educational practice certificate. All physicians who intend to renew their membership are required to submit the membership fee, and complete the renewal form online by June 1st.* Physicians receive a letter with activation instructions to renew and pay online, and an invoice to allow payment by mail, if preferred. e p fe rshi e b Mem ue nt d e m pay e1 Jun Completing the Renewal Form We are mandated by the regulations and College by-laws to collect information about physicians and some information is made available to the public on the Public Register. Much of this information is initially gathered when you apply for a certificate of registration, and it is updated annually through the renewal form. Other information that we collect on the renewal form is not made available to the public but we gather it to regulate in the public interest – such as information that relates to your health, or whether you have settled a lawsuit involving a patient. We also ask you on the renewal form to describe your clinical practice, including advising us of any new or changed clinical activities. We gather information about your practice, such as the number of hours worked per week at each practice address, and whether you use electronic medical record software. This practice information is extremely useful in developing continuing education and College programs. It also helps us to keep in step with the changing landscape of physician practice in Ontario. Please remember to complete your renewal form and pay online or send your payment by mail. The deadline for renewal using either payment method is June 1st. *Postgraduate registrants will renew in accordance with their postgraduate training appointment. Online renewal for postgraduate certificate holders is now available. Welcome to the College – May 2016 Please remember that it pays to pay on time. If the College does not receive your membership fee by June 1st, a late payment penalty of 25% of the annual membership fee will be assessed. You will then be notified by mail that you have 60 days to submit the fee payment, including the late payment penalty. If that deadline is not met, the College will suspend your certificate of registration, ending your ability to practise medicine in Ontario. 9