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Answering Your Questions W e established the Physician Advisory Service (PAS) in 1993 to provide advice and information to members. Each year, the Physician Advisory Service receives more than 5,000 calls and letters from physicians or their representatives about a variety of issues. The service provides a forum for you to discuss any concern or ask ques- tions regarding your practice. The feedback we have received indicates that this is a vital resource for doctors, who often do not know where else to turn. The Physician Advisory Service assists by providing practical and informative responses to queries about specific situations or practice is- sues. In addition, most College policies name the Physician Advisory Service as the contact department if you are seeking assistance in applying our poli- cies to your practice. It may interest you to know the most frequently asked questions raised by the PUBLIC are: • Can my physician charge a fee to transfer my medical records? • My doctor retired and I am trying to locate my medical records. Can you help? • Can my doctor fire me from her/his practice? • Can my doctor write a letter to the Children’s Aid Society/Ministry of Transportation about me? • Can a physician refuse to refer me to a specialist? • Am I required to pay a block fee? The Physician Advisory Service operates Monday to Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. If you have a question and would like to speak to one of the Physician Advisory staff, please contact us at the number listed below. We also welcome written questions or comments at: Physician Advisory Service College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario 80 College Street, Toronto, Ontario M5G 2E2 (416) 967-2606 or 1-800-268-7096, extension 606 The most frequently asked questions raised by PHYSICIANS who contact PAS are: • How long must I retain my medical records? • Are there guidelines for closing my practice? • What are the guidelines for discontinuing professional services to a patient? • How do I manage drug- seeking individuals? • I have questions about confidentiality of patient information. Can you help? • Can you help me with the online annual renewal form? E-mail: feedback@cpso.on.ca Welcome to the College – May 2016 8