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Other Website Features Our home page directs users to areas of particular interest and to the latest news on College issues. Content is grouped under five sections: About Us provides information about self-regulation; important College functions; Council and Committee descriptions and compositions; the College’s strategic plan; our privacy code; and details about our commitment to ensuring that we operate in compliance with Ontario’s Human Rights Code, and make services accessible to people with disabilities. What’s New contains our news releases, the monthly Discipline Committee schedule, and Council Updates, highlighting the topics discussed and actions taken at the latest meetings of Council. Policies and Publications houses all College policies and the Practice Guide; clinical practice guidelines; legislation and by-laws; and consultations on policies or issues under consideration are posted to solicit your feedback. We also provide information on College positions and initiatives; the complaints process; and our Dialogue, Patient Compass and other publications are posted here. Registration contains the legal requirements for licensure; information about application review and the Registration Committee; registration policies; applications and forms; and information of particular interest to international medical graduates and Canadians studying abroad. CPSO Members section provides information of interest to physicians, including incorporation issuance and renewal; resources, such as educational courses and tools to assist you in your medical practice; information about how you can become involved in self-regulation; Council elections; and details about our assessment programs. The College has entered the social media space. Our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn properties are gaining followers, sparking conversations, and allowing us to share information about the College with our membership and the world. Look to www.cpso.on.ca for the latest information on College programs and initiatives, and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow us: Welcome to the College – May 2016 7