Welcome to the College - Page 3

Welcome to the College Dear New Member, On behalf of Council, I would like to welcome you to the medical profession in Ontario as a new member of the College. Congratulations and best wishes in your medical career. One hundred and fifty years ago, physicians were granted the authority to self-regulate the profession. This proud tradition is a privilege that requires nurturing. As a new member of the College, you will now take on this responsibility with your medical colleagues. Every year, we will be in regular contact – when you renew your certificate of registration; when we send you our journal, Dialogue; or when you participate in an assessment of your practice. For most doctors, these will be the only times when our paths intersect. Rocco Gerace, MD Registrar We do encourage you, however, to become a more active member of the College. As a professionally-led organization, many activities and committees rely on the hard work and contributions of members. Last year alone, more than 1,300 physicians participated in the activities of medical self-regulation by sitting on our governing Council; serving as peer assessors; and providing expert assistance during investigations and hearings. What can you do to help ensure that professionally-led regulation continues? • Vote to elect a representative to Council from your district • Run for election to Council • Participate on College committees • Provide feedback about College policies under development At the very least, we hope you will stay informed and contact us if you have a question or concern. Our Physician Advisory staff will answer your questions, or let you know how to get the assistance you need. Every year we receive thousands of calls from doctors just like you – please call us at (416) 967-2606 or toll free 1-800-268-7096 ext. 606, or send an email to pas@cpso.on.ca. You can also connect with us on Twitter @cpso_ca. As well, our website (www.cpso.on.ca) is a good resource for our policies and guidelines, the most recent issues of Dialogue, and information on a wide variety of issues. We encourage you to look up your name on the Public Register to make sure that your practice profile is accurate, and let us know if it is not. In the next few pages, you’ll find information to assist you in getting to know the College. We hope that this is just the beginning of a positive, career-long relationship. Welcome to the College – May 2016 3