Weekly Employment Law News Briefs 26/07/13

News Brief 26/07/13 In the news this week… This week has been a busy disappointing and one for trade unions, unexpected judgement for unfortunately due to the unions. potentially negative impacts of two important pieces of Elsewhere, bad news keeps rolling in on the wider news. economy and the impact of the Coalition's policies. First, the government has published its Transparency in Lobbying, Transparency The TUC reported that Britain is currently facing its of Lobbying, Non-party longest wages squeeze Campaigning and Trade since the 1870s and The Union Administration Bill, Fawcett Society warned of which barely touches the rich individual lobbyists and the government's assault on equality law in the run-up to donors suspected of swaying Conservative Party the publication of the government's muchopinion on controversial issues, but hits trade unions criticised Public Sector Equality Duty review. hard. Second, the decision on landmark TUPE case Alemo-Herron vs. Parkwood Leisure was announced yesterday, finding in favour of the employer - a In a bizarre hope to gain the support of the working classes, Conservative MP David Skelton – leader of new Tory group Renewal and former Deputy Director of hardline think-tank Policy Exchange – showed up at the Durham Miners' Gala at the weekend, and waxed lyrical about the old mining town destroyed under Tory rule. What have we learned from the Coalition Timeline so far? Trade union rights New Tory group aims at working classes (16/07/13) New Bill to hit trade unions hard (17/07/13) Increasing vulnerability in the workplace Click to see the timeline New Tory group aims at working classes (16/07/13)