WeedRoller PRO Literature 2017 Catalog - Page 5

ACCESSORIES & PARTS Customizing Your WeedRoller PRO Is Easy. Dock Mounting Kit Additional kits make moving your WeedRoller PRO from one location to another quick and easy. Part #51188 Lake Bottom Rollers The WeedRoller PRO comes standard with 21 feet of lake bottom rollers, offering you a 42-foot diameter reach. If you're looking for more coverage, additional 7-foot tubes are available. Expand for a total of 84-foot diameter. Tripod Mounting Kit Installing a tripod mounting kit offers the flexibility to use your WeedRoller PRO independently of any other structure. Part #51181 Side Post Mounting Kit Adding a side post to your dock is easy. Simply mount the custom post bracket to the desired location on your dock. Slide the new side post into the securing bracket and tighten. Part #51351 Flex Coupler Mud Kit Part #51192 Part #51320 If your lake bottom is fairly uneven you will want to consider adding flex couplers in between the connection points of your WeedRoller PRO tubes. Part #51302 If your lake bed is excessively muddy or filled in with years of silt and muck, a mud kit will keep the WeedRoller PRO moving. Maximum Operating Specs • Adjustable up to a 300 degree arc. • Operates in up to 9.5 feet of water at the power head. • Extendable to 42 feet of lake bottom rollers. Extension Cords Your WeedRoller PRO will come with a durable, 70-foot AC power cord. If you need an additional 25 feet, no problem. Simply order this handy extension cord kit to get the extra length you need. Get power where you need it while maintaining a professional, seamless look to your WeedRoller PRO installation. 25 foot: Part #51343-00 70 foot: Part #51327-00 Deep Water Extension If your environment requires a longer reach to the bottom of the lake, a deep water extension kit can be added to ensure the motor head is far enough above the surface of the water. (Maximum of two kits per unit) Part #51301 • 10 degrees of flex for each flexible roller joint. • Environmental - WeedRoller PRO has been approved by most state environmental agencies. Specific approval or permits may be required. Always follow state and local regulations when using your WeedRoller PRO. Gather and properly dispose of weeds that are removed upon initial use. For specific information regarding your region's regulations, see your local WeedRoller PRO dealer.